10 Great Ways to Take Care of Your Teeth

10 Great Ways to Take Care of Your Teeth

Feb 20, 2022

A smile is one of the most outstanding facial features you have. It can often precede any conversation and make it easier to connect with whoever you are interacting with at any particular time.

Needless to say, a good-looking smile is a priceless asset. However, over time, several dental issues can degrade your good-looking smile if left unchecked. Dental issues such as tooth decay, stains, gum disease, and cavities can negatively affect your oral health and, in turn, your smile.

If left unchecked, these dental issues can result in constant pain and discomfort, low self-confidence, and even tooth loss. The best way to avoid these implications is to regularly visit our dentist near you and diligently practice proper dental care.

But why should you go above board to take care of your pearly whites? Let’s take a look at why teeth are vital.

Why Are Teeth Vital?

Most people think that they should visit our dental office to maintain their teeth because of their smiles. This is indeed one major reason; however, it is not your teeth’s only role.

Your teeth are vital for a key number of reasons that include:

  • They are fundamental in helping us chew and break down food properly to aid in digestion
  • Teeth give your face its shape and structure; without teeth, your facial structure collapses and sags inwards, making you look older
  • Teeth are vital for proper speech and articulation of words. Without your teeth, it would be impossible to pronounce most words and sounds
  • Teeth give you an aesthetic appeal which in turn does wonder for your self-esteem and confidence

Your life would not be the same without your teeth. This is why you should endeavor to take care of them to last you an entire lifetime.

So how can you proactively take care of your teeth? Let’s dive into some of the ways you can protect and safeguard your smile;

10 Amazing Ways to Take Care of Your Teeth

  1. Practice Proper Oral Hygiene

To maintain your teeth properly, you need to practice correct oral hygiene; this involves brushing and flossing your teeth daily. You need to brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss once daily to ensure your teeth and gums stay clean, healthy, and disease-free.

Our dentist in Thornton, CO, believes that this is one of the fundamental ways to maintain your teeth and safeguard your smile. Brushing and flossing your teeth every day guarantees that all food particles are removed and discourages the accumulation of plaque that is detrimental to your gums and teeth.

  1. Always Use a Fluoride Toothpaste

Fluoride is essential in maintaining strong teeth. It discourages the formation of cavities and tooth decay. Our dentist in Thornton, CO, advocates for all our patients to use recommended fluoride toothpaste whenever they brush. A pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste could be the key to you having stronger, healthier teeth.

  1. Regular Dental Visits

You should visit our dentist near you every six months for your routine dental checkup. These checkups are important because they give our dentist a chance to deal with any dental issues before they fester into serious dental complications. They also give us a chance to carry out dental procedures to improve and maintain your smile, such as teeth whitening.

  1. Watch What You Eat

Tooth staining can be brought about by eating pigmented or colored food and drinks regularly. You need to avoid taking lots of coffee, wine, and sodas to prevent developing teeth stains that negatively impact your good-looking smile.

  1. Cut Back on Sugary Foods

Sugary foods encourage the formation of cavities, gum disease, and overall tooth decay. You should limit your intake of sugary stuff you consume to reduce the risk of developing gum disease and cavities.

  1. Eat a Balanced Diet

Your daily diet should include plenty of calcium and vitamins essential for healthy gums and teeth. Calcium-packed foods such as milk, yogurt, and cheese are fundamental for the development and maintenance of strong bones and teeth.

  1. Avoid Smoking

Smoking impedes your immune system from healing your body tissues as it should. This will increase your risk of suffering from oral cancer and gum disease and affect your recovery after undergoing a dental procedure.

Smoking also brings about tooth discoloration and bad breath.

  1. Consider Using a Mouthwash

Using an antibacterial mouth wash can help curb the accumulation of plaque and gingivitis. A mouth wash can complement daily brushing and flossing and give you fresh breath.

  1. Get a Mouthguard

Mainly if you play a contact sport or if you suffer from bruxism. Talk to our dentist about getting a customized mouth guard to fit your needs. Mouthguards protect your teeth from damage or injury during sporting activities.

  1. Don’t Leave Out Your Tongue

Ensure you thoroughly scrape your tongue whenever you brush since plaque can build up on your tongue, causing foul breath and other dental issues.

Contact us today at Fox Creek Dental by Espire Thornton; we are ready to help you maintain your smile.

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