10 Myths About Cosmetic Dentistry Debunked[SlideShare]

10 Myths About Cosmetic Dentistry Debunked[SlideShare]

Jan 06, 2016

Everyone wants perfect teeth. A beautiful and healthy smile increases your confidence and helps you achieve all your ambitions. However, many of us avoid cosmetic dentistry due to the myths associated with various cosmetic procedures.

Let’s unearth the truth behind these cosmetic dentistry myths:

    1. “Cosmetic Dentistry Is Very Expensive”

    Cosmetic dentistry has now become affordable due to the advancements in science and technology. You get coverage for necessary cosmetic dentistry treatments like dental implants and crowns. Your dentist also offers flexible financing and payment options so that these procedures can fit in your budget.

    2. “Cosmetic Dentistry Damages the Natural Structure of the Teeth”

    A good dentist has the knowledge and experience in performing the cosmetic dentistry procedures, which help in preserving the natural structure of your teeth and increasing the lifespan.

    3. “Cosmetic Dentistry Takes a Long Time”

    You can go for ceramic reconstruction treatments, which are usually performed in a single visit with the help of 3D photography tools and CAD/CAM software.

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    4. “Cosmetic Dentistry Is Not Necessary”

    Cosmetic dentistry procedures help in fixing many dental issues as well as improving your smile. It would cause pain and tooth loss if you will ignore a broken tooth.

    5. “Cosmetic Dentistry Doesn’t Give Natural Results”

    Your dentist now uses modern and latest techniques to perform procedures that fit perfectly with your teeth and mouth. Advancements in modern cosmetic dentistry help in giving natural results.

    6. “Cosmetic Dentistry Is Painful”

    Most of the cosmetic dentistry procedures are now painless due to great advancement in technology. These procedures are safer, easier and less invasive. You will feel just a little discomfort or sensitivity for a day after these procedures.

    7. “Cosmetic Dentistry Is Not Long-Lasting”

    Dental implants, bonding and veneers last for more than 15 years, if you take proper care of them. In case of teeth whitening, you might have to visit the dentist again for a few touch-ups.

    8. “Cosmetic Dentistry Can Be Performed by any Dentist”

    All dentists are not qualified enough to perform advanced cosmetic dentistry procedures. It’s important to find a dentist who has the experience and expertise to provide consistent results.

    9. “Cosmetic Dentistry Is Not the Right Investment for Older People”

    Cosmetic dentistry helps in improving your smile and oral health as you age. It helps in repositioning the teeth and corrects damaged, discolored teeth and misalignment of the bite which happens as you grow older.

    10. “At-Home Kits Give the Same Results as In-Office Cosmetic Dentistry”

    In-office cosmetic dentistry produces promising results than at-home kits. It not only helps in removing the surface stains, but also even out your teeth’s color. It delivers noticeable and lasting results.

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