10 Warning Signs You May Need Dental Implants

10 Warning Signs You May Need Dental Implants

Dec 07, 2022

Gaps caused by missing teeth can be humiliating. It makes you self-conscious about eating, talking, and smiling in public areas. Implants are dental prosthetics that restore the appearance by replacing the teeth from the roots up. The dentist places the zirconium or titanium implant in the jawbone socket. Read below to know the situations in which implants make an ideal option.

Symptoms That Indicate the Need for Implants

If you have the following conditions, immediately contact the dentist in Longmont for a dental implant procedure:

You Have an Infected Tooth and You Need an Extraction

If you have a serious tooth infection and the dentist cannot save it, it’s time to get dental implants. The prosthetic will act as the new tooth once the dentist eradicates the infection from the tooth.

You Have a Badly Cracked or Broken Tooth

Another sign you need implants is a severely broken or cracked tooth that the dentist cannot save. Implants look like natural teeth and restore the functionality of your smile effectively by repairing the damage.

You Are Experiencing Bone Loss in the Jaw Region

Spaces left by the missing teeth without roots make the jawbone tissue erode. Dental implants at Longmont family dental serve as the artificial tooth root. Since they attach to the bone tissue naturally, this restorative dentistry prevents jawbone tissue deterioration.

You Have Loose Partials or Dentures

If you have loose dentures and partials in your mouth, do not worry. Dental implants help you fix dentures and partials that become loose. Therefore, you don’t need to feel less confident about falling out of your restoration while speaking, eating, or smiling with others.

You Find it Difficult to Chew Food

Missing teeth not only embarrasses you in front of people but also creates other issues. For example, the pain from infection prevents you from eating your favorite food varieties. Getting dental implant procedures will prevent missing teeth issues. Therefore, you can easily enjoy the desired foods.

You Do Not Want to Deal with the Hassle of Denture Care

Patients with dentures need to clean them regularly to prolong their life. Sometimes, they need denture adhesives to keep them in their position. Dental implants help those people by serving as the convenient choice for dental care. You only need to care for your restoration similarly to your natural teeth, which includes flossing and brushing your teeth two or three times a day.

You Have Sunken Face Appearance

The use of dentures can cause a sunken appearance in the chin and mouth regions. It’s because it fails to stimulate the jawbone to encourage the redevelopment of essential tissue. This makes the jaw continue to lose bone with age. When the dental professional places the dental implant, the jawbone becomes stimulated. It prevents a sunken facial appearance.

You Notice Signs of Infection

Bad dental hygiene, injury, or periodontal disease leads to infection in the mouth. When ignored for a long, it could spread to the other areas in your body, which could endanger your life. If the dentist finds the infection too bad, he/she recommends getting an implant. It not only eases your pain but also prevents other severe health issues caused by mouth infections.

You Have Irreparable Decay

In case of severe decay (that’s beyond repair), the dental professional usually recommends pulling the tooth. Dental implants can be an effective option for such patients.

You Are Dealing with Speech Problems

Misaligned and missing teeth reach to whistling, slurring, or speech issues. It makes it challenging for other individuals to understand you when you conversate. Implants prevent impediments to a speech by restoring speech patterns.

Feel Proud of Your Smile Today

If you feel insecure about your smile, getting dental implants can help. Once the dentist places the implants, you will feel confident about your new gorgeous smile. Implants are the most famous restorative dental treatment available today.

The great part is that they have a 98% success rate. It means if you take care properly, you do not need to worry about fixing or the failure of the implants. The dental experts at Fox Creek Dental by Espire Longmont are highly skilled and experienced in placing implants. They use advanced dental technology to ensure perfect placement and a high success rate.

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