5 Dental Benefits of Drinking Straws You Didn’t Know About

5 Dental Benefits of Drinking Straws You Didn’t Know About

Mar 16, 2016

Taking care of your dental health is a very important part of your life. But, did you also know that besides brushing your teeth and flossing, there is another effective dental care option available to you? As it turns out, drinking straws can provide some dental benefits. Here are the different ways drinking straws can help keep your smile healthy:

1. Stain Protection

By using a straw you are essentially bypassing your front most teeth, this can keep your teeth from getting stained by things like soda, coffee, and tea.

2. Reduced Exposure

Using a straw will help reduce the exposure of acidic drinks, like orange juice, to your teeth. This will help keep the enamel on for longer. Orange juice has health benefits, but it is also very acidic. Over time, drinking too much acid will eat away the enamel and will lead to things like cavities and decay and more need for dental care.

3. Better Dental Care and Increased Hygiene

We would like to think that restaurant cups and dishes are always clean, but unfortunately that’s not always the case. If you use a straw instead of putting your lips directly on a glass, this can help keep germs away from your mouth!

4. Less Chance Of Choking

Drinking from a straw also gives you more control in terms of how much liquid you take in at one time. This can lead to less of a chance to choke on liquids. This tip is especially useful for kids.

5. Easy To Use!

If you are on the go, there is nothing easier and safer than drinking from a straw. No tilting your head back or no worrying about unscrewing caps. Just place the straw in the drink and go!

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