9 Worst Foods You Should Avoid For a Healthy Smile

9 Worst Foods You Should Avoid For a Healthy Smile

Feb 17, 2016

Many people understand the basic formula for a healthy and beautiful smile, but they don’t know that a few common edible substances can contribute to the wear and tear of their teeth. To keep your teeth looking their best, you must avoid consuming them as much as you can. Here are the 9 worst foods you should avoid if you want to keep a sparkling white and healthy smile.

    1. Lemons and limes

    Sucking on a lemon or lime pulls enamel right off the front of your teeth, turning the teeth yellow and making them highly sensitive.

    2. Kombucha

    Kombucha can be just as detrimental to teeth as soda. If you do drink it, then follow it with a glass of water.

    3. Soda

    Soda bathes teeth in acid, both while you’re drinking it and after, once the sugars have fed the bacteria. It helps to always drink soda with a straw.

    4. Sports and energy drinks

    Sports and energy drinks are rough on teeth, damaging them even more than soda. The acidic sports and energy drinks are particularly harmful.

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    5. Sticky, sour candy

    Sticky candy is rough on your teeth because it stays put for a long amount of time, allowing the citric acid to break down the enamel.

    6. Dried fruit

    Dried fruit has the same sticky issue and high sugar content as sticky sour candy. Brush your teeth immediately after eating dried fruit.

    7. Ice

    Chewing on ice is like biting into a rock. The coldness also makes your teeth more brittle.

    8. Alcohol

    Drinking large quantities of alcohol dries out your mouth, which prohibits saliva from diluting plaque and acids.

    9. Processed carbohydrates

    Carbohydrates are essentially sugars. When you eat toast for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch, and crackers for a snack, you’re keeping sugar in your mouth all day.

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