Alternatives to Orthodontic Treatments from Invisalign Revolutionizing Teeth Straightening

Alternatives to Orthodontic Treatments from Invisalign Revolutionizing Teeth Straightening

Feb 01, 2021

Crooked, gapped, and misaligned teeth have existed from time immemorial. Perhaps our ancestors were too concerned about eating without considering the need to smile before everyone to show off their fangs. Dentistry ushered in an innovation earlier last century, emphasizing the need to show off beautiful teeth correcting the gaps, crooked or misaligned teeth using metal brackets attached with wires. People with dental issues of the kind described above were happy dentistry had discovered something that enabled them to smile before everyone.


In the 90s, an upstart like Align Technologies discovered another method to revolutionize orthodontics, forever introducing the Invisalign transparent aligner system enabling people with orthodontic dental issues to straighten teeth discreetly without metal brackets or wires in their mouths. Invisalign’s manufacturers further trained dental professionals to certify them as an Invisalign dentist authorizing them to provide Invisalign treatment to people who decide to straighten teeth but refrained from doing so, fearing metal and wire. Invisalign appointed certified providers throughout America and around the world to usher in another revolution in dentistry.


Having Straighter Teeth without Orthodontic Treatment Was Possible with Invisalign


If orthodontists involved proper positioning of the teeth by dealing with the relationship between the teeth and jaw bone, Invisalign had adopted a similar approach with significant changes to the way they provided treatment. Instead of relying on metal brackets and wires, Invisalign realized the goal was achievable even with clear plastic liners that gradually moved teeth into their proper positions.


The manufacturers’ realization could provide people with a braces-free orthodontic option to straighten teeth brought into the market a treatment option accepted by adults and teenagers wholeheartedly. The manufacturers also enlisted the cooperation of thousands of dentists throughout America and globally that had not specialized in orthodontics but were trying to learn how teeth straightening was achievable using alternative methods. Invisalign Loveland is one such practitioner certified by Align Technologies to provide teeth straightening treatments to adults and teenagers who are affected by issues like underbites, overbites, crossbites, gapped teeth, and malocclusion.


What Is Involved with Invisalign Treatment?


People intending to straighten their teeth must inevitably begin by contacting the Loveland family dentistry practice for an assessment if they want to achieve their goal of having better teeth and a beautiful smile.


When people contact the Invisalign dentist with their questions, they are happy to understand teeth straightening is not the sole domain of orthodontists. People realize they can have straighter teeth without braces using Invisalign clear aligners remaining virtually invisible in their mouths. People, especially older adults, express glee when informed no restrictions are imposed upon them when straightening teeth using Invisalign clear aligners.


The Invisalign system is removable from the teeth and not attached to them. People are allowed to remove the aligners and advised to do so whenever they are eating or drinking anything but water. They can brush and floss their teeth before replacing the aligners on them. This is perhaps the only restriction imposed upon people besides the need to wear the aligners for 20 to 22 hours every day. It is a small price to pay for having straighter and beautiful teeth and better dental hygiene.


How Do People Begin Invisalign Treatment?


As mentioned earlier, scheduling an appointment with Invisalign Loveland CO is an essential requirement for all people desiring teeth straightening treatments. The Invisalign dentist evaluates people’s teeth to assess their suitability for the treatment.


People must prepare themselves to have digital images of their teeth taken by the dentist for the manufacturers to customize their virtually invisible aligners. People confirmed as suitable candidates for Invisalign receive their first set of custom design aligners a few weeks after the assessment.


As Invisalign treatment differs from the orthodontic variety, people must wear the aligners they receive on their teeth for three weeks, after which they receive replacements for them. Successful Invisalign treatment requires approximately 30 sets of aligners replaced every three weeks by the patient wearing them.


The Invisalign transparent aligner system straightens teeth without any wires in the mouth to eliminate the need for orthodontic visits for adjustments. However, people must visit the Invisalign dentist once every six to eight weeks to assess their progress. Invisalign moves people’s teeth incrementally, and as they progress through the treatment, every new set of aligners will take them closer to their smile goal.


With more dentists emphasizing having excellent dental health and teeth for a beautiful smile, Invisalign has proved beneficial for many who wanted all without the hassle of brackets or braces. The innovation has undoubtedly revolutionized orthodontic treatments forever, allowing people to have everything they desired without letting anyone realize they were undergoing teeth straightening treatments.

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