“Cheese, Yes Please”, Says Your Tooth Enamel!

“Cheese, Yes Please”, Says Your Tooth Enamel!

Aug 25, 2016

Who doesn’t love cheese? And here we give you some more reasons to binge on your favorite cheese. According to the latest study published in the General Dentistry, “Consuming cheese may help protect teeth against cavities.”

The latest study by the Academy of General Dentistry reveals that cheese protects and prevents your teeth from loosing tooth enamel caused by coffee, tea, wine, soda and other acidic products . In other words, cheese protects our teeth from those edible foods and drinks which might cause harm in the long run.

A popular dairy product made of milk, cheese is produced throughout the world in a variety of shapes, textures and flavors. It contains some important vitamins and minerals like – Calcium, Vitamin B12 and Sodium.

Chewing cheese stimulates the flow of saliva which results in high levels of sugar clearance in the body. A new study reaveals, that cheese helps in reducing cavities as it neutralizes plaque acid. There are various components in cheese that really protects the enamel. In fact, cheese creates a protective film around the teeth.

Cheese helps in increasing the pH level on the surface of teeth. A high pH level ensures teeth are strongly protected against dental erosion, which causes cavities and leads to fillings. A high level of pH (5.5 to 6.9) is also essential from an ovearall health perspective.

Researchers believe that there are two important things in cheese –

    1. Sialogogue, which causes salivation.

    2. Teeth strengthening casein phosphate.

From the above points, it is clear that cheese is a healthy product which contributes to good health and protects the tooth enamel. It would be good to include a little bit of cheese as a part of our diet.

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