Conditions That Qualify as Dental Emergencies

Conditions That Qualify as Dental Emergencies

Apr 01, 2020

A condition is considered an emergency if the teeth and other supporting tissues need an immediate checkup by a dentist. An emergency does not always mean pain. However, pain is a good indicator of many tooth problems.

Fox Creek Dental by Espire helps you deal with any dental emergencies. It is essential to know what conditions are considered an emergency and how to deal with them before and after visiting the dentists. The following are examples of some common dental emergencies:


It is common for some people to ignore toothaches until they become persistent, and that’s when they rush for checkups. You need to avoid doing that and treat toothaches with seriousness, or the condition may grow and become worse.

You can take some painkillers to reduce the pain before you visit the doctor. The dentist will give the required medication after analyzing the condition. Make sure you take the medication as required and follow any instructions given to help the pain go away and fix the problem for good.


An oral infection can be classified as an emergency. Many infections are not easily determined unless they become severe and start showing. Infections are responsible for bad breath and pus formation on your teeth. For this reason, it is essential to get regular checkups to avoid the occurrence of such an emergency.

Teeth infections can easily be prevented by regularly brushing your teeth and eating healthy foods that help maintain good oral hygiene. In case you have the above signs, visit your dentist as soon as possible to avoid the growth of the infection.


Bleeding in your oral area is considered an emergency, and quick action should be taken to stop the bleeding. Bleeding may occur in the gums, cheeks, tongue, or lips. Before visiting the dentist, try to stop the bleeding.

You can reduce bleeding by placing a cold compressor on the bleeding area. This will help stop the bleeding and reduce any pain coming from that region. If this fails to work, quickly visit your dentist. He or she can use a stitch on the affected area to completely deal with the bleeding.

Foreign Objects Between the Teeth

Foreign objects are incorporated between the teeth when one uses the teeth to bite on things that are not meant for use by teeth or using teeth instead of the required tools. This will cause injuries that require immediate medical assistance.

The foreign materials can be removed by flossing. Dental floss can penetrate between the teeth and dislodge the materials. It is advisable to stop trying so hard to remove materials that are firmly stuck. Trying to dislodge such materials can lead to the fracturing of the teeth.

Instead of using a lot of force and risking fracturing, just visit the dentist, and he or she will remove the materials using the required procedure and with the proper tools.

Teeth Fracture

Fractures on teeth are considered as an emergency and can occur on any tooth including wisdom teeth and cause excessive bleeding some times. Fractures can occur if you play a particular sport, and you fell, or you get hit by another player. This means you need to take extra caution when playing rough sports.

If available, wear protective gear to help prevent fractures. There are different methods for repairing a cracked tooth in Langmont. Consult your dentist on the most suitable one depending on the level of the fracture. Fixing fractures helps avoid future costs on teeth replacements and bridges, which are more expensive and time-consuming.

A Lost Crown or Filling

Losing a filling or crown qualifies as an emergency. You need to take quick action to get a replacement or any other available options. You may have difficulties in delivering a clear speech or even have problems with chewing after the filling comes out.

When the tooth filling is out, and you do not get a quick replacement, the inner part is exposed to more infections, which can cause pain or even make the replacement procedure longer and expensive. Visit your dentist as soon as possible to get the teeth checked and get the required replacement.

The best solution for all the above issues is to visit your emergency dentist in Longmont, CO. Do not ignore any abnormality in your mouth to prevent further complications.

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