Conditions That Require Emergency Dental Services

Conditions That Require Emergency Dental Services

Aug 13, 2022

Dental emergencies tend to occur when least expected. For example, you can brush your teeth multiple times every day, have someone hold safeguards around your mouth (if you can afford it), and make every effort not to trip and fall to crack your teeth.

Unfortunately, if you have a challenging situation despite the care you provide, you might find it difficult to determine whether you are confronting a dental emergency or not. Unfortunately, not receiving treatment for the condition from a dental professional makes you endure additional pain, damage, and expenses. You have a pain threshold that the damage in your mouth surpasses to reach a level where you find it challenging to manage.

Dentists frequently receive patients confronting what they believe is a routine matter, but it turns out the patient needs emergency treatment for the condition affecting them. This blog looks at some instances that while treatment from an emergency dentist if you cannot get to your regular dental care provider.

Severe Toothaches

Often mild toothaches worsen quickly to become excruciating, making the discomfort unbearable. There are many causes of toothaches, including infection and inflammation. The reasons make the pain uncomfortable when eating, drinking, and speaking.

An excruciating toothache indicates something is wrong in your mouth, compelling you to visit an emergency dental clinic nearby at the earliest to receive treatment for the pain besides its root cause. However, you must ensure you trust the dentist even if you have a mild toothache because the condition can worsen rapidly.

When a Cracked Tooth Makes You Look like a Hillbilly

You can develop a cracked tooth when biting hard foods or grinding your teeth because you are affected by bruxism. You might not think much about it unless the tooth becomes painful because the crack extends below the gum line. The cracked tooth might make you look like a ‘hillbilly’ even as you get to an emergency dentist as soon as possible to receive treatment for the condition without delay. As you experience pain from the crack, you can use painkillers and cold compresses to alleviate the pain until you find professional help to overcome the problem.

Getting the tooth fixed, if possible, prevents additional complications like infections created by your mouth bacteria that might eventually lead to tooth extraction because it becomes untreatable.

Trauma Waits for No Man, and Neither Does a Loose Tooth

Trauma in your teeth might result from accidents from sporting activity, cycling, or slip and fall, leaving you with dislodged teeth and excessive bleeding, depending on the type of accident you were involved with. If you have lost a tooth, you must try to recover it and take it to the nearest dentist as soon as possible for the best chances of preserving your natural tooth. Delaying your treatment for over 30 minutes substantially damages your aesthetic and financial well-being. Mouth injuries are scary and make it imperative for you to seek help from a dentist at the earliest.

Do Not Consider Lost Fillings Inconsequential

You receive fillings in a tooth permanently damaged by your mouth bacteria. Fillings help seal out the bacteria after the dentist drills the pollution in your tooth to replace it with a filler. Unfortunately, fillings do not last for life and need replacements sooner or later. If you have a lost filling, consider your tooth at risk of additional damage from the bacteria in your mouth. Left untreated and ignored, the bacteria cause infection and inflammation in the tooth to cause severe damage needing a root canal. Getting a root canal is not just expensive but also requires additional restoration over the affected tooth with a dental crown. The cumulative expenses of the intensive procedure cost more than getting dental fillings replaced by an emergency dentist.

When you visit the emergency dental facility near you, the dentist understands your concern and provides the filling you need to restore the permanent damage in your tooth with suitable material.

Besides the above, you might encounter several situations that you might not think are emergencies because you might not have adequate knowledge about the discomfort. However, instead of remaining in suspended animation about the problem in your mouth, you find it beneficial to visit a qualified emergency dentist in your vicinity to have them deal with the issue without delay.

Fox Creek Dental by Espire — Loveland receives many patients needing intensive treatments immediately upon arrival because the patients are dealing with unbearable pain or are affected by other issues. If you confront a similar problem, kindly schedule an appointment with this practice to get your tooth restored without delaying the treatment.

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