Dental Issues: 4 Incredible Benefits of Preventive Care

Dental Issues: 4 Incredible Benefits of Preventive Care

Mar 12, 2015

You just got a reminder to schedule a dentist appointment, and you immediately ignore it. Sound familiar? For many people who don’t enjoy going to dentist and this can lead to much bigger problems down the road that will need much more work than a simple cleaning.

So, what’s the big deal when it comes to a regularly scheduled dentist appointment? While it might not seem like missing one or two appointments is going to matter, there are four serious dental problems you could face at any time:

1. Gingivitis, while very easy to treat when in its early stages, can lead to complications when ignored. In fact, it can lead to periodontal disease and that means bone loss which cannot be reversed.

2. That small cavity can become something much more serious if you forget to make an appointment with a dentist. A deep cavity can mean an expensive and extensive root canal.

3. Having issues with jaw pain? TMD, or temporomandibular disorder, can cause jaw spasms, jaw pain, and other complications that can make eating, talking, or even sleeping painful. Letting it go and not having it checked by a dentist can potentially lead to not being able to use your jaw at all because of the discomfort.

4. If you’ve had fillings or crowns put in previously, they still need to be checked up on by a dentist. Sometimes they can be replaced with better materials or, unfortunately, they can also split or crack and lead to bigger issues.

Regular appointments with your dentist are going to prevent the worst-case scenarios from any of these easily treatable problems. Don’t let your fear of dentists get in the way of your health!

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