Dentistry Which Will Allow You to Smile with Confidence

Dentistry Which Will Allow You to Smile with Confidence

Apr 16, 2015

If you want a personalized dental experience in the Northeast Longmont, Colorado area, Dr. Ryan Koenig offers high quality dentistry services at Fox Creek Dental by Espire. Dr. Koenig, who played for the University of Washington’s football team that won the 2001 Rose Bowl, studied Dental Medicine at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he earned his doctorate degree.

Here are some of the many affordable and comfortable services his dental team provides:


These devices help your teeth and gums stay healthy and defend against sports-related injuries. They also provide relief if your jaws ache from grinding your teeth at night.


Going in for regular cleanings every six months will protect your teeth and gums and keep them nice and healthy. Dr. Koenig uses modern digital x-rays to check for cavities and other dental issues.

Techniques to Prevent Cavities

Cavities can be prevented with dental sealants for molars. These thin plastic films on molars have a proven track-record of success for both children and adults. Fluoride treatments can also guard against cavities and help develop stronger teeth.

Consultations and Exams

Dr. Koenig will devote his focus to your dental needs when you meet with him for a personal consultation. He will determine if you need special attention for dental implants or orthodontic treatment.

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