Different Ways to Use Dental Implants in Dental Restorations

Different Ways to Use Dental Implants in Dental Restorations

Oct 01, 2020

In dental restoration, many oral appliances are relied on to help restore the smiles of patients. Thanks to modern dentistry, there are now more alternatives for patients to choose from than ever before.

When you talk of dental implants, it is one of the most reliable oral appliances for use in restorative dentistry. Patients that get dental implants at Fox creek dental have a lot to merry about, including the longevity thereof. The different ways to wear implants has also been a great source of joy for patients.

What Are Dental Implants? 

They are small screw-like metal fixtures that are used to replace missing teeth. In restorative dentistry, dental implants are the only tooth replacement appliances made of titanium metal. This metal makes for a sturdy artificial tooth that can serve you for a very long time.

Tooth implants typically serve as single replacements for missing teeth, so that a Longmont dentist would need to install one oral implant for every tooth you have missing. The success rate of up to 98% makes such processes as these worth it.

However, you may not have to get multiple dental implants in Longmont CO for every tooth you have lost. Implants are used in different ways so that there is a solution viable even for patients that require multiple teeth restored.

Different Ways to Use Tooth Implants FOR Restoring Teeth

An oral implant works by replacing the root part of your tooth. Ideally, it involves a surgical process of installing the metal fixture in your jawbone, and securing it under the gum tissue. The small part of the metal fixture left above the gum tissue, therefore, needs to be covered to complete the treatment. How it is covered will determine whether it replaces a single tooth or multiple. The different ways include:

  1. Dental crowns – a crown is an obvious choice for covering an implant. It is a great option for patients who were looking to have only one tooth replaced. When the crown is placed over the implant the procedure is complete as is. This is the most common way to wear an oral implant.
  2. Dental bridges – this alternative works well where you need more than one of your teeth replaced. Ideally, you can have up to 3 teeth in a row replaced with a single implant and a dental bridge. The dental bridge will get support from the single implant installed in your jawbone. Once in place, the bridge which comprises dental crowns and artificial teeth can cover the gaps of the missing teeth.
  3. Dentures – it is the best way to replace multiple missing teeth, with the incorporation of implants. When partial dentures are used, the process is similar to that of using dental bridges. However, for complete dentures, there is a strategy for using tooth implants. To support a full denture, you would need a couple of oral implants installed in the jawbone. A technique called the all-on-4® procedure involves the use of up to 8 oral implants strategically placed in the jawbone. These implants will be sufficient to hold in place a full denture, replacing all your teeth.

Why Choose Tooth Implants? 

Many alternatives exist in dentistry to help restore your smile when you lose your teeth. However, not of the available alternatives are as effective as oral implants. Some of the reasons why people are intrigued by oral implants include:

  1. Longevity – once you get tooth implants, you may never need a repeat procedure for your missing teeth. The metal fixtures offer years of use, serving patients the entire of their lives.
  2. Versatility – there are multiple ways that tooth implants can be used, as mentioned earlier.
  3. Sturdiness – the titanium material is sturdy and durable, which is why it serves you for such a long time.
  4. Unmatched stability – thanks to the support of the jawbone and the gums, the metal fixture is well secured and stable. It makes for a perfect tooth restoration solution even for back teeth that require regular chewing and crushing of food.

Whether you resolve to get implants or not, be sure you have considered all the pros and cons that come with such a permanent decision for replacing your missing teeth.

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