Does Fluoride Affect Your IQ? Myths vs. the Truth

Does Fluoride Affect Your IQ? Myths vs. the Truth

Mar 01, 2023

A naturally occurring mineral found in the soil is fluoride. Depending on where you live, some areas have very low levels of fluoride while others have very high levels. This mineral is present in the soil, which means that the fruits and vegetables are grown there and the drinking water may also include it.

Fluoride is a controversial topic. The parents of many of our patients are passionate about the subject. This mineral is one of the most highly effective healthcare interventions in history. The use of fluoride toothpaste to strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay has resulted in healthier smiles all over the world. You will not have a problem with the low doses of fluoride that you encounter in your daily life.

Busting Common Fluoride Myths

Here are a few other myths and truths about fluoride:

MYTH: Fluoride Lowers Your IQ.

TRUTH: Your brain can only be affected by really big numbers. One study claims that fluoride can lower IQ scores. Does this imply that fluoride can be detrimental to your brain? Well, it is only if you take an exceedingly high dose.

MYTH: Fluoride Has No Place in Our Drinking Water.

TRUTH: Fluoride is found naturally in drinking water. Some people say it is a harmful chemical that shouldn’t be present in our water supply. But that’s how the dentist near you discovered fluoride’s health advantages. Like calcium or potassium, fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral. It naturally occurs in well water, and those who use it have better teeth.

Myth: Fluoride is Synthetic.

TRUTH: Our bones and teeth naturally contain varying amounts of fluoride, as do rocks, plants, soil, surface water, and groundwater. When consumed in the proper dosage, calcium fluoride is in water supplies, which is good for our teeth.

Myth: Fluoride is Harmful.

TRUTH: According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States, fluoride is not hazardous. Although fluoride is derived from the element fluorine, it is not the only component. But, consuming too much fluoride can negatively affect the body.

Myth: Fluoride is Dangerous for Children.

TRUTH: When used as intended, fluoride is not harmful to children. In addition to strengthening teeth, fluoridated water can help prevent future tooth decay and loss.

Myth: Fluoridating Water is Quite Expensive

TRUTH: Fluoridating water is regarded as one of the least expensive treatments to stop tooth decay. In general, it is more inexpensive than treating dental decay.

So, Is Fluoride Safe?

Yes! Not only is fluoride harmless, but it also benefits your health. When used correctly and in the right amounts, fluoride is safe and effective. But just like anything else, it is possible to consume too much of a good thing.

Fluoride is present in a variety of substances besides water. It is the active element in almost all toothpaste because it guards your enamel. The dentist in Broomfield uses fluoride in controlled and safe doses.

The brain is not negatively affected by fluoride unless ingested in large amounts. The public water system also considers the right amount of fluoride. In other words, when administered properly, fluoride has no detrimental effects on IQ.

What Does Fluoride Do for Your Teeth?

You can consume fluoride or apply it topically. Fluoride helps replenish all the minerals lost as a result of plaque accumulation on our teeth. The plaque and acids that form from taking sweets make fluoride in dental enamel weak. Hence, little cavities start to form, which, if untreated, can result in tooth decay.

Consuming fluoride in drinking water is advantageous for the development of new teeth. To better guard against cavities, it enters the bloodstream and combines with tooth enamel. Contrarily, fluoride from topical preparations, such as fluoride toothpaste, reacts with saliva to coat the enamel and protect it against dietary acids and sugars.

The advantages of fluoride for our teeth are as follows:

  • Prevents demineralization of tooth enamel.
  • Destroys food acids lodged in our teeth.
  • Eliminates the damaging acids that erode dental enamel.

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Fluoride helps you and your child maintain good oral health when used in the right amounts. If you want an extra boost in cavity prevention, get in touch with experts at the Fox Creek Dental by Espire Broomfield office today.

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