Electric Toothbrush: Better and Reliable Over a Manual One?

Electric Toothbrush: Better and Reliable Over a Manual One?

Jan 14, 2015

A New Year usually means healthy New Year resolutions that most try to follow through with, but sometimes a resolution to be healthier doesn’t have to start by going to the gym every day. Instead, you can be in better shape and feel healthier by simply switching out your toothbrush.

Are you using a manual toothbrush right now but have been thinking about making the switch over to electric? There are several good reasons why you should, besides the fact that it does most of the work for you! A manual toothbrush is the old fashioned way of brushing your teeth but electric toothbrushes have been becoming even more popular throughout the years and have some advantages over brushing manually.

  • Getting hard to reach areas. The main problem of brushing manually is that not all of those areas in your mouth are going to be reached. Whether it’s because you’re in a rush or the brush simply can’t reach those areas, electric toothbrushes have smaller brushes that can reach those areas where cavities and other problems can start to form.
  • You won’t brush too hard. With manual, most people tend to brush too hard and this can erode away the enamel of your teeth, exposing you to more problems in the future. With electric toothbrushes, most people tend to not put so much pressure on their teeth and still get the same, if not better and cleaner, results they are looking for.
  • Less waste being created. It is advised to throw out your manual toothbrush every three to six months and that means creating even more waste whereas an electric toothbrush just needs its brush head replaced and not the whole thing.

Healthy teeth mean better confidence and being healthier overall, why not make the switch to electric?

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