Emergency Dentistry 101: Everything You Need to Know

Emergency Dentistry 101: Everything You Need to Know

May 01, 2020

Just like medical emergencies, we do have dental ones that are as important. Dental emergencies can cause loss of teeth or worse still severe bleeding, which is life-threatening. When a dental emergency occurs, it is critical to act with urgency to save the teeth as well as preserve health.

The challenge as it pertains to emergency dentistry is identifying what an emergency is and what can be managed at home.

When is an Oral Problem a Dental Emergency?

An oral emergency is any trauma to the mouth that can cause laceration of the gums and soft tissues, bleeding, dislodged, or broken tooth. Broken dental restoration such as braces or bridges can also qualify as a dental emergency if they cause pain and discomfort.

If the dental accident or problem can wait for a couple of days, then it is not a dental emergency. For instance, a mildly chipped tooth that doesn’t cause any tooth sensitivity.

What Are the Various Dental Emergencies and What Can You Do?

An oral and dental emergency can occur at any time, and when they do, you need to seek help immediately, especially if there’s bleeding. Some of the dental emergencies include:

1. Knocked teeth

Did you know more than five million teeth are knocked out every year? So, you are not alone. But, when the teeth get dislodged, seek emergency dentistry in Westminster within 30 minutes after the accident. It is easier for the dentist to save the tooth if treatment is started immediately. In the meantime, try not to pull the teeth and follow these tips:

  • Pick the tooth by the crown (the top part) and not the root and gently try to push it back to the socket
  • Rinse the teeth with water to get rid of the dirt if any and don’t scrub them to avoid removing any tissue fragments
  • Maintain the moisture on the teeth. If the teeth are entirely dislodged, put them in a milk solution to preserve it.

If you are unsure about what to do, contact us for emergency guidance.

2. Soft Tissue Lacerations

Soft tissues include the tongue, gums, lips, cheeks, and the palate. Any injury to these tissues will cause bleeding or infection.

  • Use salt water to rinse the mouth.
  • Stop the bleeding using a gauze pad. Alternatively, you can use a teabag for 15 to 20 minutes
  • A cold compress can work too to control bleeding and stop the pain. Use an ice pack on your cheek, but avoid direct skin contact
  • Visit a 24-hour emergency dentistry clinic at Westminster, CO. for treatment, and continue to apply pressure to control bleeding until you are treated.

3. Chipped and Broken Teeth

Broken and chipped teeth are an emergency if the tooth fracture extends to the root, or there is severe tooth sensitivity.

  • Pickup and save any teeth pieces that may be present
  • Use warm water to rinse any broken pieces
  • Get a gauze pad if there is bleeding
  • Apply a cold compress on the cheek, lip or mouth to control swelling and ease the pain

4. Abscess

Abscess forms around the root of the teeth or in between your gums. The pus accumulation can damage the tissue and surrounding teeth. The infection can also spread to the rest of the body if not treated.

An abscess is a dental emergency because it poses a danger to your health. Contact our dentist if you notice any painful pimples on the gums. To ease the pain, you can rinse the mouth with mild saltwater several times a day.

5. Objects in Between Your Teeth

Tiny objects stuck in your teeth can cause pain and injuries. But, before you come to the dentist for treatment, try flossing gently to remove the object. If impossible to do so, then get dental assistance. Never use a pin, needle, or sharp object to remove the objects because they can cut your gums.

Take Action!

Oral emergencies are dangerous, and you should seek treatment immediately to stop any further complications. Visit Fox Creek Dental by Espire for assistance. We offer emergency dentistry in Westminster, among other dental procedures.

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