Five Signs Indicating You Need Help from an Emergency Dentist

Five Signs Indicating You Need Help from an Emergency Dentist

Sep 17, 2021

The fear of dentists among nearly 50 percent of Americans is documented and well-known. When you experience a dental issue, you may think the problem will resolve by itself and try your best to avoid dental visits. Unfortunately, dental problems do not resolve by themselves unless they are treated by a professional with knowledge about dental anatomy.

Not every dental problem is similar, but some undoubtedly need help from an emergency dentist at the earliest. Waiting for the pain to subside or resolve itself is an error that is best not committed. The dental issue bothering you tends to worsen instead of improve. Therefore you must get the treatment necessary as soon as possible to prevent needing expensive and intensive therapies later.

Why would you fear visiting the emergency dentist in Loveland to treat an issue like a toothache emanating possibly from untreated infections in your mouth or something as simple as food particles trapped between your teeth? After all, the emergency dentist can deal with any situation concerning you appropriately to alleviate the pain you experience besides allowing you to have a relaxing day. Therefore the best option for you is to seek treatment from the dentist nearby, providing emergency services when you need it most.

What Are the Situations That Need Help from Emergency Dentists?

1. Cracked or Broken Teeth: Cracked or broken teeth are not a minor issue. Even a minor crack causing pain indicates that you need help from a dental professional because the opening in your teeth allows bacteria to penetrate and fester. If you allow the cracked or broken tooth to remain in your mouth untreated, you can develop infections that may eventually result in losing your tooth.

Cracks and breakages in your tooth are quickly mended by the dental professional you visit, giving you peace of mind and knowledge you are no longer prone to any infections. Isn’t that a better option than worrying about your damaged tooth?

2. Lost Filling: When you notice you have lost a filling from your tooth, do not consider the occurrence as inconsequential. You underwent treatment to have a cavity filled with a filling because your dentist recommended leaving the tooth untreated will allow the bacteria to create more damage. You may think the replacement of the lost filling can wait for a few days. However, do you realize the bacteria in your mouth don’t think similarly and begin attacking your tooth soon after the filler falls off your mouth? Please consider the occurrence as significant and contact the nearest dental professional to have the filling restored immediately.

3. Knocked-out Tooth: a knocked-out tooth cannot wait for over 30 minutes after falling out of your mouth due to injuries or accidents. Your best chances of getting the tooth reimplanted in your mouth are when you seek treatment for the problem from an emergency dentist within the timeline specified. However, before you proceed to the dental professional, you must pick up the tooth, clean it without scrubbing the roots, maintain it in moist condition either in your mouth or a milk container, and rush to the dental professional to have it splinted to the neighboring tooth and care for it appropriately over the next three months until the tooth roots reattach your jawbone. Delay the treatment beyond 30 minutes, and you have an excellent option to have a new tooth by seeking replacement solutions from dentists.

4. Frequent and Severe Bleeding with Inflamed Gums: Do your gums bleed after flossing or eating? The problem indicates early signs of gingivitis. It would be best not to ignore the initial signs because gingivitis silently progresses to advanced periodontal disease to impact your entire overall health. Periodontal disease doesn’t have any cure and requires maintenance throughout your life with frequent dental appointments for surgical and nonsurgical treatments. The regular meetings with your dentist will take the fear of dentists out of your mind making you feel they are providing noble services to keep your dental and overall health in excellent condition.

5. Dental Abscess: a dental abscess is a severe and painful dental emergency because it results from an untreated infection. The condition could result from an untreated cavity, gum disease, or tooth trauma. When you visit the dentist providing emergency services with a dental abscess, the professional cuts into the spot to drain the pus and prescribes antibiotics. The professional recommends that you undergo comfortable root canal treatment to preserve your tooth and eradicate the infection from your mouth.

As can be seen, dental emergencies can occur in various ways. However, regardless of how the dental emergency occurs, you must ensure you get the treatment necessary immediately from a professional providing emergency service instead of delaying the treatment for any reason.

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