Why is Flossing Critical for Your Teeth?

Why is Flossing Critical for Your Teeth?

Feb 06, 2015

Dentists recommend flossing once daily. Many people follow the twice daily brushing recommendation but aren’t as vigilant about keeping up with flossing. Typically, people skip the task because they don’t understand why it’s important or don’t think that they have to because food doesn’t get stuck in their teeth.

While it may seem like flossing is about removing food from teeth, it’s actually about removing plaque. A bacterial film develops between the teeth and along the gum line, which can lead to gum disease and tooth loss. Toothbrush bristles can’t get between the teeth and under the gums in an adequate manner, which is why flossing is so important. No matter what you eat and how often you brush, you still have to remove plaque on a daily basis.

Flossing plays a role in getting into the areas where the teeth and gums meet. It is easy for tiny particles of food to get stuck in these places. Over time, the plaque that forms will harden and build up, resulting in tartar formation, which can bring about gingivitis. From there, you’re susceptible to a host of severe dental problems including periodontitis and tooth and bone loss. Getting rid of plaque decreases the chances of tartar formation, significantly reducing the risk of more serious dental conditions.

You can maximize the efforts of flossing by completing the task before you brush your teeth every night. With less plaque in between the teeth, the fluoride in toothpaste will be able to get into more parts of the mouth. The process is similar to using a paint roller and then a paintbrush. The process is more effective when you use the tools together in the correct order.

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