Your Healthy Smile Pledge for NCDHM 2016

Your Healthy Smile Pledge for NCDHM 2016

Feb 03, 2016

Protecting kids’ teeth is the focus of National Children’s Dental Health Month throughout February. Thousands of dental professionals will be promoting the benefits of oral health, particularly on February 6, which is Give Kids a Smile Day. Here are ways to develop dental habits to protect teeth at an early age.

Study Your Kid’s Mouth

It’s important to stay on top of oral health by examining your kid’s mouth, teeth and gums regularly. Be familiar with how dry his/her mouth is and the color of their gums so that you can report changes to your dentist. It will help you spot warning signs of cavities and gum disease.

Develop a Dental Schedule

You should set aside time every day to spend with your kid’s teeth and gums. By setting a daily schedule to floss and brush your kid’s teeth, cleaning their teeth thoroughly will become part of a routine. Flossing should be at least once per day, while brushing should be at least in the morning and before bed.

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Use Fluoride

Fluoride helps fight tooth decay and should be an ingredient in your toothpaste or mouth wash. Brushing your kid’s teeth for at least two minutes after a meal on a regular basis will help keep your child’s teeth healthy.

Avoid Soda and Candies

Two of the worst substances that damage healthy teeth are soda and candies. Also, limit cavity-causing carbohydrate snacks for your kids. Not only are they both bad for your kid’s healthy mouth but can contribute to more serious health problems including gum disease.

Visit Your Dentist

Assuring a healthy smile for your kids can be achieved by visiting your dentist regularly and following his or her direction. A dentist can alert you to problems and signs of early tooth decay in your child’s mouth, which will help in maintaining optimum oral health. Also, taking care of your teeth is important as then your kid is more likely to have a healthful mouth.

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