How Advanced Technology Is Enhancing Quality in Dentistry Services

How Advanced Technology Is Enhancing Quality in Dentistry Services

Nov 01, 2020

People avoid going to a dentist’s office for several reasons. Some people have had discomforting or painful experiences. Others feel uncomfortable letting strangers work on their mouths or might be embarrassed about their oral conditions.

Apart from personal fears and insecurities, the dentist might offer convenience to the patients. Most patients work during the day and are free on weekends when most dental offices are closed. Therefore, the patients will try to squeeze some of their time to get dentistry services. If the dental services require a long time, it might inconvenience the patient.

However, with technological advancements, your dentist can provide quality dental services within a short time.

Technological Advancements in Dentistry

Our Longmont dentist uses the following technological advancements to enhance quality and increase the speed of the dental procedures.

Intra-Oral Camera

During oral exams, your dentist assesses your mouth while it’s open, which can be tiring and causing discomfort. However, with advanced technology, the dentist can use devices such as intra-oral cameras.

When using an intra-oral camera at Fox Creek Dental by Espire, we place it in your mouth without having to stretch your lips or asking you to keep your jaws open. The camera projects the images to a screen. Therefore, you can see what is in your mouth.

3D X-Rays

Using a cone-beam tomography in dental exams, your dentist can diagnose dental issues easily and develop the best treatment plan. The cone-beam helps the dentist view and analyze bone and maxillofacial structures in three dimensions. The 3D x-ray images can help identify fractures and cracks on the inner parts of the jawbone and teeth.

Digital X-Ray iTero

Digital x-rays have several benefits. Unlike traditional x-rays, the radiations they emit are reduced by 80%. Therefore, digital x-rays are not likely to cause radiation effects on your body. Apart from taking x-rays of osteal tissues, the digital x-rays can provide

At our Fox Creek dental clinic in Longmont, we utilize iTero digital x-rays technology to check your teeth and jawbones. Digital x-rays iTero technology utilizes a small camera at the end of a handheld device. The camera captures x-ray images of particular spots in the mouth, allowing the dentist to get a closer and detailed view of a tooth or part of the jawbone.

Digital Scanners

When you are getting dental treatments, especially tooth restorations such as dental crowns, veneers, bridges, and fillings, the dentist takes impressions of your teeth. The dental impressions help your dentist or dental technologists create your tooth restorations.

With a digital scanner, the Longmont dentist can create models of your teeth easily. As the dentist moves the small handheld digital scanner, it takes hundreds of pictures of your teeth. The digital scanner then sends the images to a computer, which creates a three-dimensional model of the teeth.

With the digital scanners, you won’t have to bite on resin or putty, which might be uncomfortable.

Soft Tissue Laser Technology

Soft tissues in your mouth, especially the gums, are prone to infections. Therefore, if you have gum infections, you should seek periodontal treatments. The dentist will then recommend a periodontal treatment technique depending on your condition.

One of the treatment techniques the dentist can recommend is a dental laser. The soft tissue laser utilizes beams of light to eliminate bacteria and restore your gum tissue. At a high frequency, the dentist can use the laser to cut through your gum tissue and reshape the contours. The technology also provides rapid healing and comfort during and after the periodontal treatments.


With technological advancements in dentistry, patients are free to go for dental appointments without dread. The technological advancements in dentistry provide accuracy when providing dental services, reducing the risk of complications after the procedures.

Also, the advancements in dental imaging technologies help your dentist assess the problems you are facing and come up with the best custom treatment plan for you.

There are other technological advancements in dentistry that dentists utilize to improve the quality of the treatment results and duration of the procedure. With CAD or CAM and 3D printing, the dentist can create tooth restorations in the dental office instead of sending them to a dental lab.

Therefore, you will reduce the time required to get the tooth restoration. For tooth restorations that you need up to three visits, you can get in one session.

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