How Can Tobacco Be Your Oral Health’s Worst Enemy?

How Can Tobacco Be Your Oral Health’s Worst Enemy?

Mar 23, 2023

No one can deny that tobacco is the worst possible enemy of the overall health of a person. Its consumption not only harms your teeth but negatively impacts your whole body’s health. Among tobacco’s major consequences, lung cancer is the most severe problem. The regular consumption of tobacco puts your oral health at risk. It not only speeds up the decay process but interferes with the treatment and recovery also.

Tobacco in both forms, whether smoked or chewed causes equal distortion. People who keep tobacco inside their mouth continuously and chew it have early and worse effects on dental health.

Tobacco and Oral Health

We are mentioning some of the oral health risks of using tobacco.

Breathing Difficulties Are Just the Beginning for Tobacco Users

Tobacco inhaling causes many respiratory and lung issues. People use smokeless tobacco to reduce its respiratory effects but make dental health adverse. No matter if you are taking smoked or unsmoked tobacco, both have side effects on oral health.

Faster Tear and Wear

All sorts of tobacco are harmful to your dental health. The particles of the material inside your mouth speed up the wear and tear of your teeth. It works as a catalyst for bacterial growth and plaque formation. People may think that smoked tobacco doesn’t impact dental health. But it’s just a myth that inhaled tobacco particles cause equal damage.

Impaired Blood Flow

The blood flow to the oral structure gets impaired with the regular use of tobacco. It makes performing many dental treatments like implants difficult to place inside your mouth. Tobacco may cause your tongue, cheek, and gums to become inflamed.

Suppress Immune System

The formation of periodontal diseases becomes frequent if you are a tobacco user. It suppresses your immune system, making it very difficult to control and prevent gingivitis and other oral infections.

Bacteria will attack your oral health easily because you don’t have any protective measures. In case you have any treatment, the recovery time would be longer. If you don’t give proper attention, there will be a chance for the recurrence of oral infections.

Risk of Cancer

When anyone uses tobacco, generally people associate it with lung cancer only, but there are so many complications that it can cause in the human body. It can cause cancer of the voice box, bladder, colorectal structure, and other health concerns. The habit of having tobacco brings countless health problems. Avoiding its use can save you from so many health risks.

Increased Gum Disease Risks

If you are a tobacco smoker, you are at a higher risk of developing severe gum diseases than a normal person. Tooth loss is a common side effect. The gums will become sensitive, which will cause difficulty in chewing. There would be bleeding more frequently. You will frequently experience swelling and pain as well. If you experience such problems, start searching for a dentist near me.

There would be more possibilities for the development of necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis (a condition of extreme pain). Your taste in things becomes terrible.

How Quitting Tobacco Effects Oral Health?

If you were a tobacco user for a long time and now want to quit, surely it would be good for your oral health. We are not saying you will immediately have your oral health improved. But we can say that there will be positive results.

Once you decide to quit tobacco to better your dental health, it would be a beneficial decision. But you have to keep patience because the results will take time to show up. You have been a tobacco user for a long time, and it has caused a lot of destruction inside your mouth. After quitting tobacco, the treatment will respond more early on to you. For professional treatment, contact a dentist in Westminster immediately.

There would be less pain, sensitivity, and bleeding. Eating and chewing would be no more stressful for you. The chances for the development of any cancer will become minimal. Overall, it would be the best decision of your life to have healthy teeth. So, stop tobacco use immediately to live a healthy and happy life.

The use of tobacco is hazardous for your dental health. If you can’t quit this habit on your own, you can take Professional assistance.

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