How to Alleviate Pain during Your Dental Visits through Sedation Dentistry

How to Alleviate Pain during Your Dental Visits through Sedation Dentistry

Jul 01, 2020

Various dental procedures are painful and invasive. Your dentist uses anesthesia before the procedure to keep your oral tissues numb. If you are anxious about your dental visit, local anesthesia will suit you.

You can use drugs or have an injection to keep your tissues sedated. Our family dentist Westminster, CO, determines whether the drugs are suitable for your health. You may lose consciousness or remain awake, based on the type of sedation used.

What Does Sedation Dentistry Entail?

Sedation dentistry involves the use of medication to relax your oral tissues during a dental procedure. The anxiety of you and your child is lowered, and the procedures are carried out with ease. A sedation dentist in Westminster determines the right type of sedation option for you.

You can use oral sedatives to reduce anxiety before the procedure. Some options may restrict you from taking food for several hours before the dental work. Your dentist will also advise you on the medication you should avoid preventing complications. Sedation is based on the following levels:

  • Minimal sedation
  • Moderate sedation
  • Deep sedation
  • General anesthesia

Inhaled Minimal Sedation

It involves inhalation of a gas through a mask placed on your nose to increase relaxation. The effects of this option are short-lived, and it’s applicable during short appointments.

Oral Sedation

Oral sedation ranges from minimal to moderate based on the level of the dosage administered. For minimal sedation, the dosage takes about an hour to take effect before the procedure is started. A higher percentage of the dose is administered during moderate sedation.

IV Moderate Sedation

Drugs are administered via your vein, and they take effect quickly. The option allows your dentist to change the level of your sedation during the procedure gradually.

General Anesthesia

It involves the use of medications to make you unconscious during the dental procedure. You get into a deep sleep until the effects of the anesthesia are reversed with another medication. The approach is applicable in dental processes that require a long duration of surgery.

Irrespective of the sedation your dentist uses, a local anesthetic will be required to relieve pain during the procedure. A Westminster dentist determines the ideal sedation level for you.

Why You Need Sedation Dentistry

You need to consider sedation dentistry if you are faced by the following:

  • If you have an anxiety disorder during dental procedures
  • Resistance to local anesthesia
  • Have sensitive oral nerves
  • Your mouth becomes sore during dental work
  • Had a past bad experience during a dental procedure

Sedation is vital during various dental procedures, including tooth extractions, root canal, and dental implant, that are surgical-invasive processes. You don’t require sedation during your routine care since it’s applicable in extreme pain and anxiety.

How You Will Benefit From Sedation Dentistry

Before choosing dental sedation, you need to consider the dental procedure you will undergo and your overall response to your dental care. If you have extreme fear for needles, a numbing gel is crucial for you. If you fear a painful dental process, deep sedation would be helpful.

It will help if you undergo sedation to avoid extensive procedures and make your dental appointments easy and comfortable. Loose or broken teeth and infections pose a threat to your oral health and should be addressed before they become severe.

If you fear dental visits, a Westminster dentist can serve you with sedation. With less anxiety, your dental issues will be handled without pain, and it will prevent you from further complications and preserve your oral tissues. Sedation dentistry is vital in the performance of extensive and surgically invasive procedures.

Undergoing Sedation Dentistry in Westminster CO

An appointment with your dentist can be scary, but at Westminster, CO, our dental specialists are well acquainted with sedation dentistry. We provide you with sedation dentistry options at Fox Creek Dental by Espire in Westminster during treatment. We administer drugs orally or via your veins, and your anxiety is lowered during invasive dental procedures.

Our sedation dentist in Westminster uses local anesthesia applied through an injection or a numbing gel. We utilize local anesthesia while performing cavity filling and deep cleaning procedures. The approach reduces your discomfort and lowers your anxiety allowing our oral practitioners to perform procedures safely and with ease.

At Fox Creek Dental, we ensure that all your dental procedures are anxiety-free. Please schedule an appointment for your cosmetic, preventive, and restorative dental procedures with us today!

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