How to Effectively Get a Healthier Smile: 5 Essential Tips

How to Effectively Get a Healthier Smile: 5 Essential Tips

Oct 11, 2021

Your pearly whites are essential in so many ways. They are responsible for maintaining your facial structure, chewing, speech, and so much more. Also, bear in mind that they can last for a long time without ever being damaged. However, a bit of neglect here and there and your dental health can be in jeopardy.
But there is good news! You can ensure that your pearly whites are in tip-top shape with simple daily habits that can be practiced all through life. Remember, your dental health is tethered to your overall health. For this reason, visiting our dentist in Loveland is not to be done sporadically but regularly to ensure that your dental health is at its best.
Thus, our family dentist near you has jotted down some nuggets of wisdom that can ensure that your pearly whites serve you for a long time.

  • Practice Proper Oral Hygiene

A healthy smile is a work of art. However, to attain it, you need to have developed a habit of keeping your pearly whites clean each day without fail. The best foundation for your oral health begins at this stage.
Our family dentist near you recommends that you brush each day after enjoying your meals. If possible, brush three times, but you can do it twice each day if this is not possible.
Also, doing it is one part, but doing it right will ensure that your smile stays healthy. This means that you cannot just cruise through the process. Take at least two minutes and ensure that you cover every surface; therefore, brush in circular motions and angle the toothbrush to target the gum line, usually at a 45-degree angle. If you don’t do this, you can develop gum disease.
Since your teeth have five surfaces, brushing caters to only three of the surfaces. This is where flossing comes in. Those tight spaces and hard-to-reach areas still harbor bacteria and food debris. Thus, flossing can help remove the food debris and keep those areas bacteria-free. You can floss at least one time every day.
Additionally, it would be nice if you invested in a good mouthwash. Use a mouthwash after you have brushed and flossed your teeth. It helps kill germs, freshens your breath, and keeps your teeth tartar-free. But remember, it is not a substitute for brushing and flossing. You use it together with the other dental hygiene practices.

  • Use the Right Equipment

Using the right equipment will ensure that your smile stays healthy. Therefore, you need the right tools for the trade. When you get to your local store, get a soft-bristled toothbrush, it can be manual or electric. Also, remember that toothbrushes come in different kinds of shapes. So, know the one that is effective in cleaning all your teeth.
Then, get a dental floss or a floss pick, whichever works in your scenario. Plus, don’t forget to get a mouthwash that our dentist in Loveland recommends.

  • Eat Tooth-Friendly Foods

Remember that your oral health is strongly affected by what you put in your mouth. So, steer clear of sugary treats. Focus on fruits, which are healthier sources of sugar. Don’t forget to indulge in vegetables. If you must indulge in sugary treats, do it moderately and try to eat them during meals. Brush immediately you are through with the treat.
Gravitate towards foods rich in calcium and vitamin C because these nutrients help maintain the bones and boost gum health.

  • Drink Plenty of Water

Dehydration will affect your saliva production. This is essential since saliva plays key roles such as washing away plaque, maintain the health of soft and hard tissues. Remember that 99% of saliva consists of water. Plus, a dry mouth will also lead to bad breath.

  • Regular Dental Visits

When it comes to maintaining a smile, we cannot deny that dental appointments are necessary. You can visit our family dentist near you after every six months for cleaning, checkups, and oral cancer screening.
Don’t wait for pain or other oral health issues to get you to our dentist’s office. Strive to stay on the preventive side, and you will save yourself from unnecessary complications.
Now that you have five crucial points to help you have a healthier smile, please book an appointment with our dentist in Loveland at Fox Creek Dental by Espire to get your smile checked out.

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