How You Can Restore Your Dental Using Dental Implants

How You Can Restore Your Dental Using Dental Implants

Jul 01, 2020

In case you have a missing tooth resulted from accidental fractures, knock-outs, or enamel erosion, you need to consider dental implants. The procedure requires you to have a healthy jaw bone to support the surgical insertion of a screw that restores your tooth roots.

A family dentist in Westminster, CO, can restore your tooth using an implant to hold an artificial tooth. The therapeutic approach is useful in regaining your natural tooth functions. You protect your facial bone and ensure proper oral hygiene through the procedure.  Getting dental implants after an immediate tooth loss prevents your jaw bone from damage.

What a Dental Implant Procedure Entail

A Dental implant procedure is a therapeutic approach used to replace your missing teeth roots. It provides you with a foundation for your artificial tooth, that’s customized to fit in the position where your missing tooth was rooted.

Implants are reliable and safe for replacing your missing teeth. A titanium screw is attached to your jaw bone during the replacement. They provide support for dental bridges and dentures and are permanently affixed to your jaw bone. It will help if you consider implants since they ensure your oral hygiene is easy to maintain.

Why You Need To Consider Dental Implants to Replace Your Missing Teeth

As your jaw bone deteriorates, your facial appearance is affected, and some parts become sunken. Dentures may cause you to have sunken cheeks or thin lips. Westminster dental implants provide stimulation on your jaw bone needs ensuring it’s healthy and adequate to support your dental structure.

Implants ensure your teeth don’t shift into the left spaces by your missing permanent teeth. Your adjacent teeth tend to move from their original positions due to instability. This issue can lead to further complications, including uneven spaces due to loose teeth or overcrowding of teeth that are difficult to clean. Your implant ensures that your teeth are easy to clean and that your teeth are correctly aligned and spaced.

Teeth implants are vital in conserving your jawbone. The bone is prone to loss due to your missing teeth since there’s no adequate bone simulation without your tooth roots. Dentures that are not supported by implants aren’t helpful in the preservation of your jaw bone. In case you don’t get early treatment, your jaw bone might require grafting, to enable it to support your implant.

There are various complications associated with dentures during teeth restorations, including poor fit, sunken lips, mouth sores, and food restrictions. Dental implants in Westminster, CO, are useful in supporting dentures to find a permanent and lasting dental solution.

Benefits Associated With Dental Implants

Implants offer you with various benefits, including:

  • Your aesthetic look is improved due to the replacement of your missing teeth
  • The jaw bone is prevented from loss, and stability of your dental structure is gained.
  • Implants are comfortable, unlike dentures that need to be often removed.
  • With implants, you are not restricted to any diet.
  • Your oral hygiene is improved since implants seal the gaps of your missing teeth. They ensure your adjacent teeth are stable and you can easily clean them
  • They are long-lasting if they are well maintained.
  • Tooth implants serve as a better alternative for dentures and restore your natural tooth functionalities.

Useful Measures in Preservation of your Implants

Dental Implants can serve you for long if you maintain them like your natural teeth. Proper cleaning will ensure longevity, and below are practices you can uphold to ensure implants are successful:

  • Avoid hard foods that may destroy your crown, which is supported by your implant.
  • Avoid smoking that causes implant failure by weakening your bone structure.
  • Maintain routine brushing and flossing around the implant, to ensure it’s in good condition
  • Make regular visits to your dentist for exams on the state of your implants.

Handling Dental Implant Procedures in Westminster

At Fox Creek Dental by Espire Westminster, we perform surgical, dental implant procedures to aid in your tooth replacement. Our dental specialists do the process to stimulate your jaw bone below the missing teeth.

We utilize modern imaging equipment for diagnostics before the actual process is done. Our family dentists guarantee that a dental implant is a suitable and comfortable solution for your missing teeth. You’ll get a standard treatment that will serve you for long. Please make a visit to our Westminster CO dentists today!

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