How Impacted Wisdom Teeth are an Important Concern?

How Impacted Wisdom Teeth are an Important Concern?

Mar 23, 2015

Unlike the majority of your teeth, wisdom teeth don’t start to show until the end of the teenage years. When a teenager is around 14, your family dentist can see the crowns and can start to see where the teeth will come in. Before they start to push through your gums, dentists can tell if you have adequate space for this last set of teeth. If your jaw is not big enough to accommodate them, they can cause crowding and start to force your other teeth to shift, or your wisdom teeth can come in at a wrong angle.

Why Should Wisdom Teeth Be Extracted?

By the time your wisdom teeth start to show, they may have already started to cause problems. Impacted wisdom teeth can have infections around the crown that is painful and can cause swelling. While people often mistake this pain as part of the process, it can actually be a much more serious problem. Chronic infection can spread to other teeth and the bone beneath it. Even without the infection, the teeth near the impacted tooth can be damaged by the pressure as it comes in. It has also been found that impacted teeth can cause tumors and cysts in the jaw.

The only way to cure or prevent these problems is through extraction. By removing the impacted wisdom teeth, you can save yourself pain and more expensive procedures later.

How Are Impacted Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

An oral surgeon or dentist has to make an incision over the tooth in your gums. If there is any bone blocking the way to the tooth, it has to be removed. Then the tooth is separated from the other structures around it. If you do this before the roots are fully formed, it is considerably easier and you will recover faster.

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