Is Having Dental Work While Pregnant Safe?

Is Having Dental Work While Pregnant Safe?

Feb 01, 2022

Being pregnant is an exhilarating experience. Quite often, you are lost in wonder, trying to imagine how your bundle of joy will look like once they get here. Not to mention the many hours you spend getting ready to welcome your little one.

It can be an overwhelming and exciting few months packed with visits to the doctor, shopping for baby clothes and items, or even preparing the nursery. It is so easy to lose track of some things you used to do before getting pregnant, like visiting the dentist for your checkup.

Most moms question whether it is even safe to undergo dental work such as getting fillings and crowns, tooth extraction, or repairing a cavity. It’s understandable why one would be wary of or question if undergoing dental procedures during this time is safe for them and their baby.

However, you will be relieved to find out that getting a dental checkup during pregnancy is perfectly safe. In fact, it is advisable and important to ensure that you see your dentist for a thorough checkup and any other preventive dental procedure such as dental cleanings to ensure that your oral health is in check.

It’s also safe to undergo other dental procedures such as getting fillings and crowns and tooth extraction, particularly if they reduce your chance of getting infections.

So why exactly should you undergo dental work during pregnancy? Let’s consider why keeping your dental health in check is important during pregnancy.

Maintaining Your Dental Health During Pregnancy

Your oral health plays a significant role in determining your overall health. For instance, if you have an abscessed tooth or infection, your life could be at risk. It is crucial to ensure that you stay healthy and infection-free during this crucial time, and this is why it is paramount for you to maintain your oral health.

Visiting our dentist is the right step to take during this time to keep your oral health in check. Our dentist will help you avoid any potential infections and help you through any other dental complications that may be pregnancy-related, such as swollen and bleeding gums and susceptibility to tooth decay and cavities.

Let’s look at some of the dental issues you can face during your pregnancy.

Toothaches in Pregnancy and Other Dental Needs

Unfortunately, being pregnant does not exempt you from experiencing toothaches and other dental issues. Sometimes, it may leave you susceptible to dental issues such as tooth decay and cavities.

During pregnancy consuming a lot of starchy food and morning sickness can lower the mouth’s pH; this, in turn, increases your chances of getting tooth decay and cavities. Toothaches can signify underlying issues and, as such, need to be dealt with.

It is safe to undergo several dental procedures during your second trimester, especially if these procedures are necessary for reducing your risk of infections. Undergoing dental work during the third trimester will prove a bit uncomfortable because you cannot lie on your back for long periods at this stage.

Dental procedures such as tooth extraction, treating a cavity, X-rays, fillings, and crowns are all considered safe during pregnancy. You can, however, opt to postpone elective cosmetic dental procedures such as bonding and teeth whitening until after your little one arrives.

What About the Medications?

Taking or prescribing any medication during pregnancy is an affair that your doctor should handle explicitly. After your dental checkup or procedure, our dentist may have to prescribe some antibiotics to deal with or prevent infections.

These prescribed antibiotics are certified pregnancy safe and will not harm your growing baby. Sometimes, it may be necessary also to use anesthesia or medication during some dental procedures. In this case, the least possible amount will be utilized to ensure that you are not stressed or in any pain during the procedure.

It is important to certify that any drugs used during your procedure are category B drugs and do not cross the placenta. Our dentist will answer any questions or concerns you may have with the prescribed drugs and ensure that you are comfortable and aware of the drugs utilized during the procedure.
Do not hesitate to confirm the category of drugs prescribed as the safety of you and your baby always comes first.

Do you need to undergo dental procedures during pregnancy? If so, contact us today at Fox Creek Dental by Espire in Longmont, where we prioritize the safety and comfort of you and your developing baby during your dental procedures

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