Leading Fables about Tooth Pain Remedies

Leading Fables about Tooth Pain Remedies

Nov 23, 2022

During the last three years after the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the dentist in Westminster continued research on emergency treatments and dental kits that are more harmful than beneficial. The study took the professional to different corners of the country to collect damaging information promoted by proponents as excellent tooth pain remedies.

The information collected by the Westminster dentist surprised the professionals. It made them wonder why the general public accepts these fables as reality because no scientific evidence is provided to back them. On the contrary, some tales are confirmed as detrimental to the teeth and the mouth and are best avoided than used.

For all this time, dentists have promoted excellent dental hygiene by brushing teeth twice a day using fluoridated toothpaste, flossing once regardless of the time, avoiding sugary and sticky foods, and getting regular exams and cleanings with them as optimal to prevent many dental problems. They have also provided at-home remedies for issues like tooth pain that might occur unexpectedly at any time of the day or night. Under the circumstances, the professionals wonder why people do not accept their advice but fall for the famous fables of tooth pain remedies before contacting them for advice.

The fables of toothache remedies popular among people and online are, at best, tales advising people to use run-of-the-mill medications for any infection. It is popular in most third-world countries where unqualified quacks promote everything from toothache remedies to cancer treatments and eye surgeries from streetside clinics. That it happens even in America is surprising because the world’s leading economy falling for cheap tactics to avoid dental visits is undoubtedly astonishing.

After constant research, the Westminster dental professional is publishing this paper hoping to dissuade people from using these unreliable tactics against toothaches when dentists provide emergency treatments using technology with authentic information.

What Fables Did the Dental Professional Discover during Their Research?

Dissolving Aspirin Next to an Aching Tooth Provides Optimal Pain Relief

Dental professionals undoubtedly recommend over-the-counter pill relievers to deal with mild to moderate toothaches when they affect people. However, painkillers are best ingested orally instead of applying them on the gums near the affected tooth. Therefore the professional was surprised to listen to a tale promoting applying aspirin to the gums for pain relief from toothache. Painkillers like aspirin promoted for headaches are better used as recommended on the provider’s package or suggested by doctors. Unfortunately, people have accepted this fable as effective against toothaches and are using aspirin on their gums without realizing it causes burns on the skin and leads to infections. Dentists suggest using a small dab of toothpaste to smear the painful tooth before bed might help with tooth pain better than applying aspirin to the gums for relief.

Hot Water Bottles for Facial Swelling

Dentists generally recommend using ice packs for facial swelling after any procedure on the maxillofacial area. Ice packs help alleviate swelling and pain on the face to provide relief people seek from the discomfort. Dentists are surprised to hear hot water bottles are promoted as optimal for facial swelling, although they are responsible for spreading infections in the mouth. Therefore the dentist recommends seeking advice from dental professionals before using any superficial remedies to control facial swelling without harming themselves.

Lemon Juice Optimal to Whiten Teeth

Lemon juice contains citric acid that causes enamel erosion when used excessively. Whether you eat or drink lemon juice or use the fruit to clean your teeth, you will not succeed with stain removal but encourage stains on the teeth when the citric acid erodes tooth enamel. In reality, people become vulnerable to infections like cavities which they generally ignore, thinking the hole will heal by itself, only to find a deep condition within their tooth needing root canals or extraction. Therefore people looking to Whiten teeth are better advised to seek advice from their dentist before using any remedy from unauthenticated sources.

Home Remedies for Tooth Pain

Grandma generally had home remedies for toothaches which often included clove oil as an ingredient. Unfortunately, while the oil provided some relief, current research reveals clove oil damages the nerve endings transmitting pain and merely functions as a distracting agent to the discomfort without replacing the dental professional’s need for treating the issue.

You might find the fables mentioned in this article flabbergasting because you might have already used some of these treatments at home and now wonder whether you have permanently damaged your teeth or your family member’s teeth. If you need even more information on the various tales doing rounds, we suggest you discuss the matter with Fox Creek Dental by Espire, Westminster, the researcher who set on a long journey to collect misinformation promoted as authentic treatments to the general public to harm their dental health. In addition, meeting this dentist will provide tips on maintaining dental health appropriately and avoiding complications by using streetside remedies.

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