Reasons to Visit the Dentist Regularly

Reasons to Visit the Dentist Regularly

Mar 01, 2021

Having to visit a dentist in Thornton, CO, regularly, is not something that most of us look forward to. However, it is an important practice to keep. According to the American Dental Association, we need to get regular dental assessments every six months. If you are wondering why you need to have these dental visits, here are six reasons:

  1. Detect Cavities
  2. Dental cavities are silent problems, meaning it develops without symptoms. When you experience symptoms, it means that the disease has advanced to tooth decay. Dental decay, left untreated, can spread to the rest of the teeth and affect the pulp cavity. This will subject you to costly procedures like a root canal. In severe situations, your teeth may need an extraction.

    Cavities are treatable with early detection. Our family dentist in Thornton will do a comprehensive dental checkup to assess your teeth and gums. If cavities are present, treatment is initiated and this will prevent its spread.

  3. Early Cancer Detection
  4. Did you know that mouth cancer accounts for about 30 percent of the total cancer cases? More than that it affects at least 53, 000 adults every year, and one person dies every hour from its complications.

    According to Oral Cancer Foundation, the problem with oral cancer is the late detection. That is why it is recommended that you get oral cancer screening especially if you are at risk.

    We do oral cancer screening during your routine dental checkups. The dentist will do a visual and physical test to check for abnormal lumps or immobile cells. If you have lesions, further assessment such as biopsy may be done to check if the lesions are cancerous or not.

  5. Prevent Gum Disease
  6. Brushing and flossing can get rid of plaques and keep your teeth clean. However, plaques can still buildup and without professional cleaning, these plaques can buildup, harden and cause tartar. This will increase bacterial growth and lead to gum inflammation.

    Gum disease can cause gum pockets and also affect the root of the teeth if left untreated. This can be prevented with regular deep cleaning. The dentist will remove the tartar from the gum line.

    Gum inflammation is also linked to heart disease and that is why you need it treated on time. Visit an emergency dentist near you for assessment and treatment to keep your gums healthy and maintain heart health.

  7. Keep Bad Oral Habits On Check
  8. Several oral habits can affect your oral health, such as grinding and smoking. The dentist will talk to you about the effects of these problems and how you can avoid them.

  9. Get Dental Education
  10. The dentist will also give you dental education that will support your gums and teeth. We share information like the importance of nutrition and eating teeth-friendly foods to strengthen your teeth.

  11. Find Undetected Dental Problems
  12. A crucial part of your routine checkup, our dentist will perform a teeth and jaw x-ray. An X-ray can detect problems that regular dental assessments cannot. These tests reveal what lies beneath the surface and the dentist can check for any invisible problems.

    Issues like impacted teeth, jaw damage, swelling, cysts, and tumors cannot be detected using the naked eye and you’ll need an x-ray.

What Happens During Your Routine Assessment?

When you come to Thornton Family Dental clinic, the dentist will start by doing a comprehensive assessment. Anesthesia or sedation is not needed but can be used if you have dental phobia. An x-ray of your jaw and teeth will be done to check for any problems.

Next, professional cleaning is done to get rid of plaques and tartar buildup. Stain removal can also be done, which leaves your teeth white and bright.

Oral cancer screening is done, especially if you are at risk. The dentist can also do fluoride treatment to strengthen your enamel and prevent decay.

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Putting off your checkups and cleaning will pose a risk to your dental development. It is important to visit your dentist regularly for assessment. Visit Fox Creek Dental by Espire in Thornton for more information on the benefits of regular dental visits.

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