Reasons Why Restorative Dental Procedures Are Important

Reasons Why Restorative Dental Procedures Are Important

Oct 01, 2020

Dentistry covers a myriad of specialties, ensuring that all the aspects of the oral cavity are catered to sufficiently. With restorative dentistry, many dental procedures are performed to achieve the desired outcomes for patients.

Appreciating restorative dentistry mat not come easily for you, unless you are well conversant with the number of procedures involves thereof, and how important those procedures are to oral health.

What Is Restorative Dentistry? 

It is a specialty of dentistry that helps restore the oral health of patients by repairing, replacing, and restoring their oral cavities. For the most part, restorative dentists work on repairing and restoring teeth, as opposed to other parts of the oral cavity.

Restorative dental care works in different approaches, restoring structures of teeth, and sometimes, replacing them entirely. The kind of procedure that works for your oral problem will differ from that of another based on the level of damage you have incurred on your teeth, and the diagnosis determined by your attending dentist.

What Do Restorative Procedures Entail? 

​At Fox Creek Dental by Espire, multiple procedures are featured in restorative dental care. It is impossible to cite one oral treatment as responsible for all restorative works in dentistry. A dentist in Thornton CO will offer you the treatment appropriate to your underlying condition. Some of the procedures thereof include:

  1. Root canal therapy – according to Longmont dentists, this is a procedure used to repair a damaged tooth, saving it from the drastic measure of tooth extraction. It involves treating the internal damaged parts of a tooth to protect the tooth structure from being completely damaged.
  2. Implantation procedures – involve the installation of a dental implant in the jawbone of patients to replace the roots of missing teeth.
  3. Crowing procedures – they are processes used to repair the crowns of teeth. A dental crown is a tooth-shaped oral appliance placed over a tooth to fix the damaged enamel. In some cases, the root of the tooth may still be intact. In other cases, a crown will cover a dental implant instead. Other than dental crowns, crowning procedures can use dental bridges or dentures to replace the crowns of missing teeth.
  4. Filling procedures – these are efforts put forth to salvage damaged teeth. Usually, the external structure of a tooth is compromised by an infection, say, dental decay. To restore such a tooth, a dental filling is applied to fill the part of the tooth that is damaged. Filling procedures are also used to restore broken and cracked teeth.

Importance of Restorative Dentistry

  1. Saving teeth – sometimes it is not about replacing your teeth. In some instances, a damaged tooth can be saved and be restored to good health. However, how soon you determine to seek treatment will dictate whether or not it is possible to save your tooth.
  2. Replacement of missing teeth – you never know the significance of teeth unless you have lost one or more. In that case, if you have missing teeth, restorative dentistry is the way to ensure that you replace them as soon as possible.
  3. Promoting functionality of your mouth – teeth make up a big part of your oral cavity, allowing for optimal functionality. For example, speech and eating are enabled by the presence of teeth in your mouth. The functionality of your mouth can be restored through different dental restorative procedures.
  4. Cosmetic advantage – it is not only cosmetic dentistry that can boost the appearance of your smile. A big part of what restorative dental care is about will give you the aesthetic appeal you are after. For example, without teeth, you do not have a beautiful smile to flaunt. Besides, restorative dentistry does more than improving the appearance of your teeth. Instead, it works on your jawbone structure to ensure that the facial muscles are supported properly. This gives you a more youthful and fuller look.

Stopping progression – an infection in your tooth can raid more than just one part of your mouth. If allowed to sit for too long, the infection can cause significant damage to your oral cavity. Restorative dental care ensures that infections are curbed from the root cause, ensuring no further progression of damage in your mouth.

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