Should You Remove Your Wisdom Teeth? Find Out

Should You Remove Your Wisdom Teeth? Find Out

Dec 03, 2021

Wisdom teeth are the molars located at the back of the mouth near where the jaws hinge together. These teeth are the last to grow out of the gums and erupt in early adulthood when the other teeth are in place. Your jaw may be large enough to comfortably accommodate the set of wisdom teeth without leading to oral health problems.

However, most people have small mouths and jaws. In such cases, these last molars erupt and push for space in the jaw, affecting the other teeth and gums. For others, the wisdom teeth cannot move out of the gums due to inadequate space and become impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth cause severe pain and discomfort that require you to seek wisdom tooth removal near you.

Complications of Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Some side effects of impacted wisdom teeth are:

  1. Jaw pain that leads to orofacial and jaw pain
  2. Inflamed and irritated gums
  3. Bad breath
  4. Bleeding gums
  5. Gum and jaw bone recession
  6. Damaged surrounding structures
  7. Swelling in the jaw

Wisdom Tooth Removal Benefits

1. Fewer orthodontic problems

As wisdom teeth erupt, there may not be enough room for them to develop as required. Therefore, they slowly push the other fully developed teeth out of their positions, causing misalignment. These third molars can also grow at odd angles, thus, moving the surrounding teeth. Misaligned teeth are corrected through orthodontic treatments that are expensive and time-consuming. The Dentist in Broomfield recommends wisdom teeth extraction as soon as possible to prevent misalignment issues that will require extensive orthodontic treatment.

2. Damage to nearby teeth is prevented

As your last set of molars develops, they affect the teeth next to them in various ways. Teeth adjacent to your wisdom tooth are pushed, and as they shift, they may become crooked or have bad bites. The pressure on nearby teeth affects the tooth roots, wears down the enamel, and exposes the teeth to dental cavities and infected root canals. When wisdom teeth are extracted, the nearby teeth are protected from damage that may cause teeth loss or invasive treatments.

3. The risk of oral diseases and infection is decreased

When teeth shift in the mouth to create space for the erupted wisdom teeth, they may overlap or have irregular gaps. The forceful movement exposes the underlying gums and bones to harmful oral bacteria. These places are hard to reach when brushing or flossing and cannot be adequately cleaned. An impacted wisdom tooth also harbors infection-causing bacteria.

Over time, the bacteria cause oral diseases and infections, which lead to tooth cavities, periodontal disease, Sepsis, bone loss, gum recession, and even tooth loss. Extracting wisdom teeth reduces the chance of these oral diseases and infections, some of which are life-threatening.

4. Relieve oral and facial pain and headaches

Orofacial pain is pain and discomfort in your face and mouth caused by problems related to your third set of molars. When wisdom teeth are impacted or have erupted, they may cause issues that lead to problems with symptoms of orofacial pain. The forceful pressure on your teeth when pushed by the growing wisdom teeth causes excruciating headaches. Extracting the wisdom teeth relieves headaches and issues, including gum disease, tooth crowding, dental cavities, teeth, and gum sensitivity.

5. Prevent cysts, tumors, and jaw damage

Extracting impacted wisdom teeth prevents and relieves temporomandibular joint pain due to infected cysts or tumors on the jawbone. Cysts form around impacted wisdom teeth and hollow out the jaw if left untreated. Once the tooth is pulled out, the cysts, tumors, and jaw damage is resolved.

Avoid Wisdom Tooth Problems Today

Wisdom tooth removal is a safe and fast procedure that can save you from several oral health problems. If your wisdom teeth are causing you pain and discomfort, you can find relief once they are extracted. For young adults whose wisdom teeth are yet to erupt, your jaw can be closely monitored by the dentist to see how they will affect the rest of your teeth. The dentist in Broomfield recommends removing wisdom teeth early before the bones in your mouth harden.

Although your wisdom teeth do not currently cause you discomfort or complications, they will as you grow older. So kindly schedule an appointment at Fox Creek Dental by Espire for wisdom tooth extraction to avoid future dental health issues. Our experienced dentists will help you prevent and treat oral health issues caused by wisdom teeth while saving you pain, money, and time.

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