The Significance of Dental Crowns in Restorative Dentistry

The Significance of Dental Crowns in Restorative Dentistry

Jul 09, 2020

You never realize when your teeth are about to undergo damage. Tooth loss may occur without your anticipation. Your cosmetic dentist can restore your smile by replacing your missing, chipped, or fractured tooth.

Dental crowns and bridges are restorative approaches used to replace your damaged or missing teeth. They use prosthetic devices to yield a perfect smile in its natural state.

What Dental Crowns Are

Dental crowns are restorations used to fix your damaged tooth to regain its original shape and size. They are used to correct severely fractured or decayed teeth. The repairs are done on the surface of your tooth to protect it from further damage.

Crowns encase your damaged tooth and sit on the gum line. They are customized to fit perfectly over your tooth surface and are made of long-lasting porcelain material.

The Significance of Dental Crowns

Our dentistry in Thornton, CO, use crowns to handle various dental imperfections. They prevent fractured teeth further damage; protect your broken and weak teeth. Crowns are used in the restoration of loose fillings and hold bridges in the proper positions.

They are used in teeth alignment and restoration of your teeth appearance. They support the structure of your dental and ensure the natural functions of your teeth are regained.

Why You Need to Consider Dental Crowns

If you’d wish to change your tooth’s physical appearance, you will need to consider a dental crown treatment. Crowns restore the functionality, shape, and size of your tooth. They are used in cosmetic enhancement. Below are various functions of dental crowns:

  • Crowns restore the strength of your teeth after you’ve undergone a root canal therapy.
  • They are used in cosmetic procedures to reshape misshapen teeth and close gaps for proper alignment of your teeth.
  • It’s useful in covering your dental implant.
  • You can restore worn out teeth caused by clenching.
  • In the restoration of broken teeth
  • To hold dental bridges in the right position.
  • For covering and supporting your tooth that has a large filling and less natural structure left
  • Replacement of your broken fillings
  • When you are protecting your weakened teeth due to severe decay or fractures.

Crowns enhance your teeth appearance and protect them from further damage. In case you have a missing tooth, the adjacent teeth shift from their positions, leading to underbites or overbites. Dental crowns ensure that your bone doesn’t deteriorate, and you don’t suffer from TMJ disorders.

What a Dental Crown Procedure Entail

Once you opt for a dental crown in Thornton, CO, our dentist will enlighten you on what to expect during the procedure. Before the dental crown procedure is done, an examination of your teeth is done. The diagnostic process involves the use of X-rays. An extensive treatment will be required if your teeth are severely decayed, and a root canal therapy can be performed.

A dental crown procedure is performed if there’s adequate natural tooth structure. A treatment plan is laid out upon a satisfactory examination of your dental. The process depends on the condition of your teeth and your practitioner.

How to Take Care of Your Crowns

Crowns are prone to damage and decay like your natural tooth. Below are various measures you need to follow in preserving your dental caps:

  • Use recommended oral care fluoride treatment
  • Brush your teeth regularly
  • Make routine visits to your dentist for dental exams and cleaning
  • Avoid hard foods that may damage your crowns.

Poor oral habits such as smoking tobacco may lead to the formation of stains on your cosmetic crowns. They can serve you for about fifteen years, depending on the exposure of wear and tear. If you maintain good oral hygiene, they will last long. Grinding and clenching of crowns will lead to damage.

Use of Dental Crowns in Thornton, CO

Our cosmetic dentist in Thornton, CO, recommends using crowns and bridges to replace missing teeth. The restorative procedure provides you with a durable and permanent solution.

At Fox Creek Dental by Espire Thornton, we have experienced cosmetic dentists who delight in taking care of your oral health concerns. We provide you with temporary or permanent crowns that are customized based on your desires. We cement your teeth surfaces to give you an appealing smile. Please make an appointment with us for all your dental health issues today!

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