What Can I Eat With New Dentures?

What Can I Eat With New Dentures?

Jun 20, 2023

Dentures are excellent replacements for missing teeth. The latest types of dentures from the Thornton dentist look natural and fit comfortably in the mouth. However, just like new shoes, getting used to wearing and using your dentures takes a little time. Read on to learn what and how you can eat with your new dentures.

Why Is It Challenging to Eat With New Dentures?

Dentures are plastic oral appliances that replace missing teeth and surrounding oral tissues. The dentist fixes or places them on top of your gums to restore your dental function and aesthetics. Customized dentures from a dentist near you will help you to eat and speak properly. They will also repair your smile and facial appearance.

However, once you wear your new set of dentures, your mouth detects them as foreign materials. As a result, your salivary glands will produce excess saliva affecting how you eat. Also, your facial muscles will take time to adjust around the new appliances causing chewing difficulties. Some dentures slip when chewing, causing eating difficulties.

In addition, your gums will be sensitive to the pressure exerted on them as you chew. Excess pressure on your gums can cause sores which make you wary of eating or give you stress at mealtimes. Another challenge of eating with new dentures is that your sense of taste will become dull temporarily. So, you will not enjoy your meals.

What to Eat With New Dentures

It is normal for your gums to become sore and tender when you start wearing dentures. However, these effects are temporary and can be eased by eating the right types of food. Therefore, you must make a few dietary changes for the first month after getting new dentures. Below are tips on what to eat from the dentist in Thornton.

  1. First two weeks

This period would be the most challenging, especially if you had a dental extraction. Your gums will be extra sensitive. Also, you may be unable to recognize how hot or cold your food is. So, you must avoid hot foods or drinks. Or, you can test them with the tongue before eating to prevent scalding your mouth. Also, avoid spicy foods as they will irritate your gums.

Stick to a diet of soft or liquid foods in the first 14 days after the dentures procedure. You may eat foods that do not need much chewing. They are mashed potatoes, pureed vegetables, yogurt, soft cheese, applesauce, pudding, and broth.

  1. Weeks three and four

Your mouth will have adjusted better to your new dentures in the third week. So you will not experience soreness and discomfort when eating more solid foods. Dentists advise patients to incorporate easy-to-eat foods into their diets within this period.

You can eat well-cooked pasta, baked potatoes, cooked rice, soft bread, baked beans and soft fish. Other foods you can enjoy are beef brisket, pulled pork, pot roast, hummus, cream cheese and ripe fruits. Also, incorporate vegetables into your diet at this stage of your journey with new dentures

  1. Day 30 and beyond

Chewing becomes easier after the first month. You can eat most foods without difficulties. You can begin enjoying your favorite foods without experiencing gum soreness. However, you should avoid sticky foods that can displace the dentures and cause sores.

Also, avoid foods with small hard pieces. They can get stuck between the dentures and gums, causing pain. These include sesame seeds, popcorn kernels, or shelled nuts. In addition, you should avoid frequently eating hard foods that can hurt your gums and damage the dentures. Examples are tough meats, apples, carrot sticks and popcorn.

Tips for Easier Eating for Denture Wearers

  • Start with a diet of soft or liquid foods.
  • Avoid hot dishes or drinks that can burn your mouth. Dentures insulate your mouth, preventing you from detecting hot things.
  • Do not hold hot liquids in your mouth since the heat loosens the lower dentures.
  • Give your mouth time to adjust by chewing food slowly and carefully biting.


Eating with new dentures can be challenging. However, wearing custom-fitted dentures can ease the discomfort and make dining easy. Schedule an appointment with us at Fox Creek Dental by Espire Thornton for various types of dentures. The experts at our dental offices will fit you with comfortable dentures and guide you on how to use them.

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