What Is Considered to Be A Dental Emergency?

What Is Considered to Be A Dental Emergency?

Apr 01, 2021

Emergency Dentist Services

Unfortunate circumstances may occur where one may be involved in a severe accident and break their tooth or immediately start bleeding in their mouth. When such situations occur, it is relevant for one to visit any dentist and an emergency dentist to treat, consult, and guide them.

Unlike other dental sessions where you require a six-month consultation, a dental emergency requires immediate attention. When a patient suffers severe pain and discomfort that may later result in bleeding gums or mouth trauma, dental services are crucial. Other circumstances like broken dentures or lost fillings are inconvenient but not necessarily emergencies.

What emergency cases should push me to visit a dentist near me?

  • Mild toothache

A victim of toothache finds it challenging to eat and chew, sleep, drink hot and cold fluids due to the overwhelming pain. The condition may be caused by decay or an infection that affects the tooth’s gum and nerves. Swallowing painkillers may not reduce the pain, and sometimes the toothache could lead to ear pain as well. As you book for your appointment with an emergency assistant, you could conduct a first-aid procedure by;

  • Rinsing the mouth with salty water to kill bacteria.
  • Pressing near the sore tooth outside the mouth for a while.
  • Applying a numb gel to reduce the pain.

Any emergency dentist in Westminster will conduct an X-ray first to develop the cause of the pain. Treatment will be issued, and the patient will be prescribed antibiotics.

  • A cracked or knocked-out tooth.

This mostly happens to sports players, although it can happen to anyone. Focusing on the lost and broken tooth. If it’s broken, find the missing piece and place in it a cup of milk. Make an appointment soon because the reattachment is only possible with early treatment. If it’s a knocked-out tooth, rinse it with cold water and do not dry it on anything. Try to re-attach the tooth on the crown’s side, facing the gum. In case there is any pain on the gum or the cracked tooth, try pressing it from the outside cheek.

  • Abscess

It is an infection around the tooth that is quite hazardous if it spreads to the gum or jaw. The infection could spread to the nearby tooth. Such a condition requires immediate assistance to curb the spread of the infection. The symptoms include severe tooth pain, fever, headache, and ear pain. The patient could swallow pain revelers as they book for emergency treatment. A root canal treats the infection.

  • Mouth Injuries

Oral injuries that could lead to tissue damage are best treated quickly. If there is bleeding in the internal organs, applying pressure would be necessary. Rinsing the mouth with cool salty water to stop bleeding and infection spread.

Importance of Having the Contacts of an Emergency Dentist

Booking appointments with an average dentist makes one suffer the pain of long queues and may lead to further infection of the tooth. The benefits of an immediate treatment include;

  • Immediate treatment.

Patients don’t have to book appointments with dentists and wait long queues for help. As soon as the condition is realized, medical officers are summoned to handle the situation. This also saves one from the spread of infection, leading to more oral problems and tooth loss.

  • Cheaper

In cases where the braes brackets are loose or one has knocked-out teeth, visiting an assistant urgently will be cheaper than replacing the whole set. Just as they say, prevention is better than cure. If a patient can easily prevent excess damage to their teeth and oral organs, then they will avoid surgery to replace them.

  • Free consultation

Dental infections and oral injury are inevitable, but understanding how to tackle each condition is crucial. With a dental assistant’s contact, you can easily ask about how to handle your teeth. If you are a recovering patient from recent surgery, you can consult on what to eat and drink and how to take care of your teeth.

Having the contact of a dentist in Westminster is beneficial to you as a citizen. It saves you time, and that may be invested in essential matters. You are therefore advised to have at least one contact on an emergency dentist near you. Remember your teeth are as important as all other organs in your body.

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