What You Should Know Before and After a Cosmetic Dentistry

What You Should Know Before and After a Cosmetic Dentistry

Apr 27, 2016

If you live in Colorado and seek false teeth, there are three major things to consider prior to making a decision: the details of the procedure, the costs of the procedure, and your health condition. Many people want this type of dental work done to improve their appearance, while others seek to make eating more comfortable and enjoyable. After reading the following details you will have a better idea on what additional questions to ask your dentist.

Before Seeking Cosmetic Dentistry

A good starting point is to ask your dentist for before and after photos of a patient who has had artificial teeth placement. You should already have some idea of the results you want to achieve. Ask your dentist if he or she can meet your needs, which can be demonstrated with a functional wax-up. Remember to be skeptical of what you see in television commercials and focus on what your dentist tells you.

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You should also do research on the professional who will be performing the surgery. Find out where they got their education and if they have received any awards or focus on a specific discipline. Make sure the surgical procedure is comfortable and that you are prepared to deal with any complications that could potentially arise in the process. Finally, the price must be within your budget. Having a great communication with your dentist is the key to avoid any bad results.

Aftermath of Surgery

Follow your surgeon’s instructions after the cosmetic dentistry surgery has been performed. Be aware of the risks involved in post-surgery. You will need to guard against infection and allergic reaction. You must also work at protecting your new teeth from certain foods and drinks that can wear down and stain the composite resin.

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