Why Do Dentists Ask If You Have Heart Problems?

Why Do Dentists Ask If You Have Heart Problems?

Jan 07, 2022

People with heart conditions need special care when it comes to dental treatments. Therefore, you must inform your dentist about any heart condition, as minor as it may be. You should also discuss if you’ve recently had heart surgery.

Discussing your heart problems with your dentist helps the dentist in Longmont safeguard your health by developing a customized treatment plan that suits you. Usually, oral procedures like teeth cleaning can cause your mouth to bleed, introducing bacteria into your bloodstream and your heart. Therefore, people with heart conditions are at higher risk of developing heart tissue or valve inflammation when bacteria enter the bloodstream.

This article discusses tips for some heart conditions because of the specialized dental care people need before a procedure. Kindly read along.

Dental Care After a Heart Attack

Before undergoing oral treatments, it is best to talk to your cardiologist. Also, ensure you discuss any medication, including blood-thinning drugs. These medications can result in bleeding during oral surgery. Furthermore, during an office visit, you should ask your dentist near you if nitroglycerin or oxygen will be available for medical emergencies.

High Blood Pressure

Some high blood pressure drugs can cause dry mouth, altering your sense of taste. Also, if you are using calcium channel blockers, the medicines may cause swelling and overgrowth of the gum tissue and chewing difficulties. If you experience gum overgrowth, a dentist will give you detailed treatment instructions and recommend visiting the dental clinic frequently for cleanings. The dentist in Longmont may also recommend gum surgery to remove excess tissue in severe cases.

In case you have to undergo surgery that requires the use of anesthesia, ensure you ask your dentist if the anesthesia contains epinephrine. Usually, local anesthetic contains epinephrine, resulting in the rapid development of heart attack, high blood pressure, and angina.


People who have experienced a stroke are most likely using anticoagulants, which are blood-thinning drugs—undergoing an oral procedure while on this medication can cause excessive bleeding. Therefore, it is advisable to discuss if you’ve had a stroke with your dentist in Longmont.

Furthermore, a dentist may recommend using artificial saliva for people who do not produce adequate saliva due to stroke. Dentists can also recommend modified brushing techniques, fluoride gels, and dental care strategies that can help others assist you in maintaining good oral hygiene.


Angina, also known as chest pain, is sometimes treated with calcium channel blockers which may cause gum overgrowth. Patients with stable angina can undergo dental treatments. However, dentists near you recommend that patients with unstable angina should not undergo nonessential dental procedures. In cases where a procedure is essential, it should be performed in a dental office that can monitor your cardiac health.

Points To Remember About Dental Care and Heart Disease

  • Always provide a complete list of the names and dosages of all medications you’re currently using for your heart condition, including prescription and nonprescription drugs. A list of the medicines will guide the dentists in choosing the best treatment, including medications for you.
  • Give your dentist the name and contact details of your doctor in case the dentist needs to inquire about your care
  • You should talk with your dentist and cardiologist if you’re nervous about a dental procedure. Your dentist can ease your fears by providing information and also recommending strategies to control pain.


As much as your oral health is essential, heart conditions may slow down your recovery process. Therefore, you must discuss any condition you have and the medications you use with your dentist.

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