Why You Need Emergency Dentistry Services

Why You Need Emergency Dentistry Services

Oct 01, 2020

Dental emergencies are very common in dentistry. Many patients, unfortunately, only consider dental services in Fox Creek Dental by Espire Loveland as useful when they have a dental emergency in their hands. How you go about an oral emergency can dictate the fate of your oral health.

An important fact in dental health care is to know when you have an urgent dental problem, and how to go about it. This way, you can be sure that you are safeguarding your oral health and your overall body health at large.

What Is Emergency Dentistry? 

It is a specialty of dentistry that majors on identifying and treating dental emergencies. Dental emergencies comprise all oral problems that are urgent, and often severe. They cannot be treated completely at home. You would need the intervention of a Loveland dentist in a dental ER to help sort out your oral emergency.

The thing about oral emergencies is that they are not only urgent and severe but also progressive. Every minute you spend without getting treatment in a Loveland family dentistry allows the problem to escalate into a new level of complexity. Seeking emergency dental care is, therefore, for the benefit of your overall oral cavity.

Why Do You Need Emergency Dentists? 

The services offered by an emergency dentist cannot be downplayed. You will only gather and acknowledge their importance when you are on the receiving end of their services. Some of the reasons why you need emergency dental care services include:

  1. To alleviate pain – there is always a high probability that a dental emergency you have is causing you a lot of pain. In such a case, emergency dental services are your best shot at treating the pain for good. It is not the same as taking over-the-counter pain medication that is more like putting a bandit on a wound. Instead, an emergency dentist will get to the underlying cause of the pain and treat it comprehensively.
  2. Quick response – it is almost safe to say that there are no dental experts that respond to patients as quickly as an emergency dentist. Dental emergencies are usually urgent, calling for a speedy response, which is best offered in dental ERs.
  3. Saving teeth – when you have lost a tooth or more, there is still a window for the teeth to be restored. This way, you do not have to look into the costs of restoring your teeth. However, the period between the instance you lose your teeth, and when you get to an emergency dentist will determine whether or not your teeth are viable for replantation. The good thing is that the emergency dentist responds with haste, and address your oral problem as quickly as humanly possible.
  4. Stopping progression – one of the traits of dental emergencies is progression. Some oral problems are stubbornly progressive so that in just a couple of minutes, you can incur damage to your entire oral cavity. To stop this progression, you need immediate dental services, best offered in emergency dental care.
  5. Preserving your health – you do not know how much is at stake until your oral problem manifests into something every critical. Oral emergencies like bleeding and swelling can spread too far from your mouth, including your neck and shoulders. This puts your whole body let alpine your oral cavity, at risk of infection.

When Do You Need Emergency Dental Care? 

Now that you know how important it is, knowing when to seek an emergency dentist is crucial. It is not every oral problem that calls for urgent dental care. Some of the issues that could point you to seeking these services include:

  1. Excessive bleeding – often the bleeding is continuous. If you have an open wound, it is easy for you to control the pain as you seek help. The stakes are higher when you cannot spot the source of the bleeding.
  2. Excessive pain – some pain levels are bearable while others are not. With dental emergencies, the pain is excruciating that you cannot wait another minute before you get it treated.
  3. Significant swelling – inflammation is a natural response of your immune system, often to an infection. If the swelling keeps spreading and growing in size, then you know without a doubt that you need an emergency dentist.

Missing tooth – usually not as a natural event, but due to an injury or accident. It can be a forceful impact that knocked your teeth out or even an infection that weakened the bone and gum tissue.

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