Why You Need to Consider Emergency Dentistry

Why You Need to Consider Emergency Dentistry

Jul 01, 2020

Excessive bleeding, fractured teeth, severe pain, or loose fillings can lead to further complications if untreated. The conditions will require extensive treatment if you don’t see an emergency dentist immediately.

Dental emergencies cut across all dental issues that cause mouth trauma and require immediate treatment. Bleeding and pain from your oral tissues indicate severe underlying issues that need urgent diagnostics from your dental hygienist.

Our dentistry in Longmont, CO, handles your emergency cases, by finding the root cause of your dental issue, and finding the treatment plan that will suit your need.

Scenarios That Require an Emergency Dentist

Various dental conditions require immediate dental treatment, and below are some of the issues:

  • In case you have a dental infection such as abscess that causes inflammation of your tissues, face, and gums
  • Severe pain that recurs from your dental tissues
  • Accidental tooth loss or knock-out through a rigorous activity
  • Loose filling or a loose tooth that may affect your jaw bone’s lifespan
  • Excessive bleeding from your mouth

Emergency dentistry is vital in alleviating pain, stopping bleeding, and saving your dental tissues from infections. You need to seek immediate treatment from your emergency dentist to handle all life-threatening issues.

Some of the Dental Emergencies Handled by aLongmont Dentist

There are various categories of emergency dental issues, and below are some of the issues we handle at our dentistry.

Dental Abscess

A dental abscess is a life-threatening condition caused by bacteria. It leads to the sensitivity of your affected tooth, facial swelling, and toothaches. The infection can spread to your jaw leading to bone loss. You can rinse your mouth with salty water to draw out pus formed in your pulp cavity as you seek further treatment.

Tooth Knock-Out

Our emergency dentists in Longmont recommend you to reinsert an accidentally knocked out tooth back to its sockets, and seek immediate treatment. If you place it back to its sockets without tampering with the roots, you can save it from permanent loss.

Chipped or fractured Tooth

Severe fractures are painful, and you need to apply a cold pack on your affected facial part to reducing the swelling and lower the pain. Your dentist can recommend you to use pain relievers to alleviate pain. Your dentist can use Invisalign treatment or fillings to seal the cracks.

Periodontal Infections

Bacteria may cause gum infections leading to reddening and bleeding gums. The condition is severe and requires early treatment. Excessive bleeding of your tissues is an indication of acute oral health issues.

Benefits Associated With Emergency DentalCare

Appropriate emergency procedures are essential to ensure you maintain all your dental tissues. Below some vital roles of emergency dentistry:

  • It addresses issues related to loose fillings, fractured teeth, and mouth trauma.
  • Pain associated with affected tissues is managed.
  • Prompt treatment save your teeth from loss in case of accidental damage.
  • The functionalities of your natural tooth are preserved.
  • Risks associated with severe infections and dental complications are minimized.

At our Emergency Dentistry in Longmont, we encourage you to stay proactive in preserving your dental. Ensure you visit your dentist for preventive dental care.

Proactive Ways to Avoid Potential dentalEmergencies

Ensuring proper oral hygiene will help you prevent dental emergency issues. Observing routine visits to your dentist for dental exams and cleaning is vital. The appointments ensure that underlying problems are detected and treated before they become severe.

You can quickly identify symptoms that indicate that you have dental issues. In Longmont, an emergency dentist does some diagnostics to check whether you have any dental conditions that require immediate attention.

In case you are facing a dental emergency, it would help if you visit the emergency dentist near you to ensure that you undergo early treatment. Urgent treatment is vital for the prevention of your dental tissues and teeth from infection and loss.

Our Emergency Dentistry at Longmont

You should not panic if you are faced with dental emergencies. At Longmont, our emergency dentists provide you with adequate services to save your teeth from loss. We examine your tissues to check on any indications of severe dental issues, including oral cancer screening. Our specialists diagnose periodontal infections, dental abscess, severe decay, and bleeding tissues.

At Fox Creek Dental in Longmont, we handle emergencies by assessing your condition and determining the issue. We use modern techniques for diagnostics to give us a clear indication of your dental health. Please visit us today in case you require emergency treatment.

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