Why You Need To Visit the Emergency Dentistry near You

Why You Need To Visit the Emergency Dentistry near You

Jul 01, 2020

Dental issues require a closer examination to determine their severity since some can be life-threatening. Your oral health affects your overall health, and the preservation of your oral tissues is vital.

At Longmont family dental, we provide you with emergency dental care, when you are faced with severe injury on your mouth. Emergency dental issues need timely treatment to avoid further complications that lead to bleeding, pain, and inflammation. You need to visit an emergency room for urgent treatment to preserve your oral tissues.

What’s A Dental Emergency?

It refers to mouth trauma or injury to your oral tissues that cause bleeding, fractured teeth, knock-outs, or gum lacerations. The occurrences require immediate treatment to preserve your oral tissues. Accidents cause your teeth to become dislodged, cracked, or broken, and if untreated, they can lead to further complications.

Dental emergencies depend on the severity of your case. If your dental issue is painless, you can make routine visits to your dentist, but if you experience facial swelling, chronic pain, and excessive bleeding, emergency treatment is paramount.

Common Dental Emergencies That You May Encounter

Numerous occurrences lead to dental emergencies, and some include:

Knocked-Out Tooth

If you accidentally knock-out your tooth, you need to make a prompt visit to your emergency dentist. Your tooth can be reinserted and saved from permanent loss. Seek immediate dental attention to save your knocked-out tooth, and your specialist can re-implant the tooth back to its sockets

Facial Pain and Tissue Injury

Injuries on your mouth lead to tearing of lips, tongue wounds, and lacerations. It would help if you visited the emergency dentist near you to examine your jaw bone condition. Damages to your jaw bone may lead to severe complications, loss of your dental structure, and urgent treatment. You can take recommended pain relievers to alleviate pain associated with facial or tissue injuries.

Loose or Misaligned Teeth

If you have missing teeth, your adjacent teeth may become unstable and move away from their original positions, and you need an emergency dentist. A Longmont dentist recommends you gently put the tooth back to its position and use dental splints to stabilize your teeth as you seek further treatment.

Chipped, Fractured or Cracked Teeth

A chipped tooth will require smoothing out, and composite filling to repair it and avoid further damage. Fractures on your tooth indicate you have a serious issue inside your tooth, and an urgent diagnosis is needed.

How You Can Avoid Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies are unprecedented, and you can’t easily determine whether you need emergency treatment or not. It’s important to seek consultation from your dentist in all your dental issues. You can avoid dental emergencies by:

  • Undergoing routine check-ups to ensure your oral tissues are healthy.
  • Putting on a mouth guard to protect your teeth and mouth tissues from injures during sports
  • Visiting your dentist for dental exams on loose fillings and decay that lead to a dental abscess.
  • Avoiding hard foods and ice that may cause fractures or cracks on your teeth.

Our emergency dentist in Longmont recommends you make biannual visits to your dental care Centre for dental cleaning and flossing. Dental visits will ensure that issues are detected and treated at early stages before they become severe.

The Significance of Emergency Dental Care

Early diagnosis and treatment of dental issues help preserve your oral tissues and teeth functionalities. You minimize the risk of having severe infections that may lead to long-lived dental complications.

Your Emergency dentist helps you to alleviate severe pain from your oral tissues. Inflammation of tissues is minimized, and an ideal treatment plan is laid out for your condition. All your underlying dental issues are identified, severe cavities are reversed, and infections are addressed.

Undergoing Emergency Dental Care in Longmont

Chipped, knocked-out, or broken teeth pose a threat to your oral health. Bleeding, acute pain, and periodontal infections require immediate treatment. At Fox Creek Family Dental, we assess your dental condition’s severity to determine whether you need emergency treatment.

Our specialists provide 24-hours emergency service for you to preserve your oral tissues and avoid long-term consequences. Our techniques are safe and comfortable since we utilize advanced technology. We perform diagnostic tests via digital X-rays to examine your dental condition.

In case you need immediate medical attention, please make an appointment with our emergency dentist in Longmont, to ensure that you find urgent care. Our schedules are flexible to ensure you save your permanent teeth from loss, make a visit today!

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