If you have dental insurance, you want to make sure you choose a dentist who works with your plan. At Fox Creek Family Dental, your doctors at all four locations accept a number of plans, and we also offer an in-house savings plan for patients who could use a little extra help paying for their dental care.

How Dental Insurance Works

Your dental benefits may allow preventive care visits to your dentist yearly. Most dental insurance plans will allow checkups and cleanings, usually in addition to fluoride treatments and an annual set of x-rays. These services help your dentist catch cavities, gum disease, and other oral health hazards almost as soon as they develop, for the most effective, conservative treatment possible, typically at no cost to the patient. Your plan may also have benefits towards restorative treatment that may lower your out of pocket portion significantly. Many dental offices will help by processing and filing the claim for you.

Our Dental Savings Plan

Patients of Fox Creek Family Dental benefit from our in-house savings plan. For a low annual fee, you and your family are eligible to receive diagnostic and preventative services as well as restorative treatment at a discounted cost. Our in-house savings plan includes a checkup and cleaning and fluoride treatment every six months, along with diagnostic x-rays and an oral cancer screening every year. If you do need restorative dental care, you will receive significant discounts on popular treatments like fillings, crowns, dentures and dental implants.

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