Dr. Rebecca Marshall


In the heart of Denver, where the Rockies meet urban sophistication, a new light in dental care shines bright! Dr. Rebecca Marshall (affectionately known to her patients as Dr. Becca) was raised in the nurturing environment of the small farm town of Headland, Alabama. As the proud daughter of a peanut farmer and a first-generation college student, she embodied resilience and ambition from an early age. Her academic odyssey took her to the University of Alabama at Birmingham, where she not only excelled in her studies but also laid the foundation for her dental career. Armed with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology, with a concentration in Developmental Psychology, and minors in Biology and Chemistry, Dr. Marshall pursued her dental dreams at UAB Dental School, graduating in 2018.

Dr. Becca’s professional journey is as impressive as her academic one. After nearly five years of refining her skills in Alabama, her adventurous spirit led her westward! Practicing in Jackson Hole and then making the exciting move to Denver, Dr. Marshall has honed her ability to provide comprehensive dental care that speaks to the heart of her patient’s needs. With extensive experience in general dentistry, she takes pride in her ability to meet a wide range of dental needs. From the precision of oral surgery to the intricate work of endodontics, her skill set is as vast as it is deep. Her experience in diverse settings, from the competitive dental landscape of Birmingham to the unique challenges of rural Idaho, has equipped her with an unparalleled ability to adapt and excel.

What truly sets Dr. Marshall apart is her holistic approach to dental care. Her background in psychology isn’t just a footnote in her impressive resume; it’s a core part of her patient care philosophy. Understanding the patient’s experience, easing dental anxieties, and fostering an environment of comfort and trust are paramount to her practice! Her love for life extends beyond the clinic. A true outdoors enthusiast, Dr. Becca’s passion for hiking, camping, and skiing resonates with the adventurous spirit of Denver. Music flows through her life, with a vinyl collection and live music experiences that fuel her soul. And let’s not forget Abby and Tofu, her beloved rescue dogs, who are the heartbeats of her home.

If you’re looking for dental care that combines professional excellence with a personal touch, look no further! With Dr. Becca Marshall, you’re not just a patient; you’re a partner in the journey towards optimal dental health. Book your appointment with Dr. Becca today and experience the difference passion makes.

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