Dr. Richard Kim

Dr. Richard Lim

Meet your dental trailblazer, Dr. Richard Lim – a Colorado native with a remarkable journey that bridges from the Rockies to the Golden State! Graduating magna cum laude with a focus on integrative biology and chemistry, Dr. Lim earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine. He has utilized his extensive education to become an exceptional general dentist who also places dental implants and helps patients straighten their smile with customized clear aligners. What sets Dr. Lim apart is his knack for blending scientific precision with a comforting touch.  The dental chair can be a daunting place, but with Dr. Lim, it’s all about a kind, gentle exam, powered by cutting-edge technology and contagious enthusiasm!

When Dr. Lim hangs up his white coat, he unveils his inner gamer. He’s a true League of Legends enthusiast who understands strategy, teamwork, and hitting targets, both in the clinic and in the virtual realm! When he’s not immersed in games, he’s either mastering a new recipe in the kitchen or indulging in his love for exploring new cultures along with his travel-loving wife.

Dr. Lim isn’t just a dentist; he’s a smile architect, rooted in science, fueled by compassion, and a true comfort creator. Whether you’re looking for a dental overhaul or just a friendly check-up, he’s got you covered. Let him set you on the path to your best smile. Dr. Lim and his team can’t wait to welcome you!


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