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Preventative Dentistry

No matter how well you care for your teeth with preventive care, your smile is still vulnerable to chips, cracks, decay, and a number of other oral health hazards. When something gets in the way of your healthiest, most beautiful smile, a dental crown or bridge can come to the rescue. We create restorations from a number of materials to ensure your crown or bridge fits your smile needs!

Restorative Dentistry

Despite our best efforts at prevention, there will likely come a time that your smile is affected by decay, infection, or injury. In fact, the majority of older adults are missing at least one tooth. When a dental issue occurs in, the skilled team at Fox Creek Family Dental can restore oral health with one or more treatments in restorative dentistry.

Dental Implants

Dental implants provide a whole-tooth replacement following the loss of one, two, or a full row of teeth in the upper or lower jaw. By replacing the missing tooth’s root as well as the visible crown, your jaw has the stimulation it needs to stay healthy for a lifetime to come.


Cosmetic Dentistry

These days, there’s no reason you shouldn’t love the way your smile looks. Your cosmetic dentists offer solutions that can be customized for your specific needs. Whether you want a dramatic overhaul or are just interested in making minor improvements for a big overall impact, the team at Fox Creek Family Dental can help reveal the smile of your dreams! We offer professional teeth whitening, direct bonding, porcelain veneers, and metal free restorations.


Invisalign is a clear braces option that allows you to straighten your teeth without the need for metal brackets and wires. Following the same orthodontic principles as traditional braces, these clear plastic aligners place focused pressure on different areas of the bite to gradually bring the teeth into proper alignment.

Periodontal Therapy

As the gateway to the rest of your body, your gums play an important role in your overall health. When they are infected – as the majority of American adults’ are – your systemic wellbeing may be diminished, too. Periodontal (gum) disease has been linked to heart trouble, pneumonia, uncontrolled diabetes, and even certain types of cancer. During regular checkups and cleanings, we will check in on your gum health. If infection is present, we will discuss periodontal therapy to heal your smile.

Advanced Technology

Choosing a dental office that values technology is the best way to ensure you and your loved ones receive the ultimate in high-tech, modern-day dental care. And today, advanced technology makes dentistry more comfortable and efficient than ever before. Fox Creek Family Dental stays attuned to the latest advances in dentistry, regularly updating our offices with the equipment necessary to provide our patients with truly world-class, high-tech dentistry.

Emergency Dentistry

Visiting your dentist every six months can help you steer clear of tooth decay and gum disease, but what about when something unexpected happens? Dental emergencies can be frightening. If you wake up with a severe toothache, if you’ve broken a tooth, or have experienced anything else you think requires urgent attention, please don’t hesitate to contact your emergency dentist at the location closest to you! Our dentists will work to get you in to see the doctor as soon as possible -- then we’ll have you out of pain and on with your life before you know it.