Our Story


Our vision is to be the premier multi-practice dental group in Colorado. We will positively impact everyone we partner with by fiercely committing to our amazing core values, positive culture and dental excellence.

Core Values

Each Dentist and team member at Fox Creek Family Dental shares the same values and commitment to an exceptional experience and high standards. “We receive a ton of inquiries from Doctors all over the country that want to join our group,” says Dr. Ryan Koenig. “We have had former patients inquire to work with us because they see the type of office we are. It’s exciting to see the culture that we have created, and we are looking to continue that positive culture trend into our other practices”.

So What is Exceptional Care?

Our focus is on patient comfort and patient education, so that any time you come in for dental care you are sure to have a positive experience and have had all your questions answered. We often get patients who come in to us that haven’t had a visit to the dentist in years and are embarrassed about the state of their dental care – but there’s nothing to be ashamed of, we’re here to help you back on the path to dental wellness. We seek to dispel the fear and discomfort that people associate with the dentist’s office. If you’re looking for a new dentist for you and your family, look no further than Fox Creek Family Dental!

Community Involvement

The people we treat day in and day out aren’t just our patients, they’re our neighbors! At Fox Creek Family Dental, community outreach is extremely important to us, and we enjoy giving back to underprivileged individuals and families whenever possible. Every year, we offer one day of FREE dental services to patients in need because everyone deserves to enjoy a healthy, happy smile, no matter what their financial situation is. Please contact us today if you’re interested in learning more, or if you have a cause or organization that could use our support.

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