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What Are Second Opinions?

Your current dentist informs you that you have a mouthful of dental health problems that need to be fixed. But you're not sure you're ready for a ton of dental work, or if it’s even necessary. What should you do? If you feel like you want a second opinion about a dental health concern, it probably means you should get one. The most important thing is to avoid making any major decisions about your dental health until you are comfortable with the information you have received.

How We Can Help

Pursuing restorative or cosmetic dental work can be a big commitment, and that’s why we always want our patients to feel confident about the path towards a happier, healthier smile they’re pursuing. If you’re uneasy about a diagnosis from another dentist and in need of a second opinion, feel free to give us a call. Our experienced doctors will be happy to review your case and offer an honest assessment of your current condition – free of charge!

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"Ever since I have been with Fox Creek Dental, I have actually been happy going to the dentist. The staff really go out of their way to give each patient their needs."

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