Emergency Dentistry

Emergency Dentistry

If you’re reading this because you believe you’re experiencing a dental emergency in we hope the following provides the information you need. It’s not uncommon for individuals to panic when a tooth chips, a dental veneer falls off, or they experience bleeding from their gum – all things that the team here at Fox Creek Family Dental can treat. The key is to assess whether or not the conditions are severe enough to classify it as a dental emergency versus something that can wait to be treated during normal office hours.

The Hierarchy of a Dental Emergency

It’s human nature for every person to respond differently to their understanding of an emergency. For example, if you have a partially dislodged tooth or you’ve recently been involved in an injury that’s resulting in heavy bleeding from your mouth or gums, those are considered more urgent than a toothache.

Refer to Your Post-Procedure Instructions

Also important is if you experience any adverse conditions post-dental procedure that your dentist did not prepare you for. A few examples include fever, chills, and excessive swelling or bleeding. In those situations, you should immediately contact the dentist that performed the procedure. If you are visiting  from out of town, please contact Fox Creek Family Dental for emergency guidance and possible treatment methods that you can use at home until you can be seen during normal office hours.

We’re Only a Phone Call Away

In many cases, our expert team can consult with you over the telephone or online to determine the extent of your emergency and provide treatment advice until you can be seen in our office. We’ve found that just knowing that we’re available to help over a phone call has provided the emotional comfort many patients need until they can be seen in our dentist office. Whether it’s pointers on a cracked tooth, broken teeth, loss of a permanent tooth, an abscess, oral disease, or anything else that’s causing you concern, Fox Creek Family Dental is here to help.

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